#BridgingStories II exhibit connects a second group of Armenian and Turkish photographers through shared stories

#BridgingStories II exhibit connects a second group of Armenian and Turkish photographers through shared stories

On Friday, January 24, 2020, U.S. Ambassador Lynne M. Tracy opened a photo exhibit in Yerevan highlighting new collaborations between young Armenian and Turkish photographers.

The exhibit features a collection of work from 20 Armenian and Turkish photojournalists, who spent four months developing their skills and taking a remarkable set of photographs that tell the story of their lives and emphasize the shared connections of young people around the world.

“Throughout my travels, I have seen that what unites us as human beings is truly greater than that which divides us,” Ambassador Tracy said at the opening of the exhibit. “I am delighted that these photographs by our talented program participants from Armenia and Turkey capture those unifying moments and put those common life experiences on display as a reminder to us all that our similarities are greater than our differences.”

The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan sponsored the program, which was implemented by the Storyteller’s Café NGO and led by co-teachers Anush Babajanyan and Sabiha Çimen under the tutelage of esteemed National Geographic photographer John Stanmeyer. #BridgingStories has garnered attention from around the world as participants have posted some of their images to Instagram, highlighting the similarities and parallel interests and experiences shared by young people from both countries. Currently on display at NPAK/ACCEA are 60 photos that best capture the theme of the program.

Participants, who were selected through a rigorous application process, came together for an educational training camp in Dilijan, Armenia, in August 2019. They then continued working with each other and with Mr. Stanmeyer, Ms. Babajanyan, and Ms. Çimen to hone their story telling skills and to perfect their images. By continuing to photograph life in the towns and cities where they live and sharing these images via the Instagram account @bridging.stories, they continue to connect with each other and with their global audience.

The free exhibition in Yerevan will run for the next 10 days at NPAK/ACCEA, Buzand 1/3 in Yerevan.