Message for U.S. Citizens: May 19 Swiss Airlines Chartered Flight from Yerevan to Zurich

The Embassy wishes to inform U.S. citizens intending to return to the United States of a chartered flight from Yerevan to Zurich offered by Swiss Airlines Monday, May 19, 2020. The flight will depart Yerevan May 19 at approximately 13:00, arriving in Zurich at approximately 15:45 local time.

The estimated cost for the one-way ticket from Yerevan to Zurich is between 250-500 USD. Passengers are responsible for booking onward travel from Zurich to the United States with the airlines. The Embassy is aware of a direct flight from Zurich to Newark, New Jersey on May 20.

If you are interested in taking this flight, please email with the first and last name, passport information, and contact information of all passengers traveling in your party no later than 11 am tomorrow, Friday May 15.

Please note that this chartered flight is not sponsored by the U.S. government. The flight will be facilitated by Swiss Airlines, and interested passengers will receive additional information on how to make arrangements for this flight.

Interested passengers should check the U.S. Embassy in Switzerland’s COVID-19 information page for additional travel information on transiting Switzerland. Please note, entry into Switzerland is currently prohibited for foreigners with the exception of those from the Principality of Lichtenstein.