Getting Started in the U.S.

On this page, you will find a quick description of resources available for companies in Armenia planning to conduct businesses in the U.S.

Exporting to the USA using the GSP

The Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) is a U.S. trade program designed to promote economic growth in the developing world.

GSP provides preferential duty-free entry for up to 3,451 products from 129 designated beneficiary countries and territories.  Armenia is one of the beneficiary countries.

For more information and useful links please see the GSP power point presentation 2016 (PDF 6.5 MB), GSP power point presentation 2017 (PDF 2.7 MB) and GSP handout. (PDF 116 KB)

Investing in the USA

Visit the website to obtain general information about investing in the United States. SelectUSA seeks to highlight the many advantages the United States offers as location for business and investment.  From a vast domestic market, to a transparent legal system, to the most innovative companies in the world, America is the place for business.  On the website you can browse business incentives offered by different states and territories.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection website provides valuable information on exporting and importing to the U.S., please visit their website and familiarize yourself with CBP policies and procedures prior to actually importing/exporting your goods.


  • Where can I find a list of American companies based in Armenia?

Many of American companies working in Armenia are members of American Chamber in Armenia. Please, check their list here.

  • Where can I find statistical, economic, legal geographic information on Armenia?

Please find the resources list provided by the embassy here.

  • Where can I go to find information on establishing a business in the United States?

Please visit:

  • I’m a firm located in Armenia and would like to export to the U.S., how do I get started?

Please contact the Development Foundation of Armenia the  for further assistance. Also, consider contacting the Armenian Embassy in Washington D.C.

  • Where can I find statistical, economic, legal geographic information about the U.S.?

Please find the resources list provided by the embassy here.

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