Message for U.S. Citizens: Information Regarding April 17 Chartered Flight to Doha, Qatar

The Department of State has arranged a chartered flight for U.S. citizens departing Zvartnots International Airport Friday, April 17, 2020.

The flight will depart Yerevan 17 April at 15:00 making stops in Erbil and Dubai before traveling onward to Doha, Qatar. The flight is tentatively scheduled to arrive at 22:50 Doha local time. Passengers will not deplane in Erbil or Dubai.

The one-way ticket from Yerevan to Doha will cost approximately USD 988 to be repaid through a U.S. government loan. This price only includes the flight from Yerevan to Doha. Travelers must purchase their own ticket for onward travel from Doha prior to departure. Travelers must present a confirmed ticket departing Doha before being allowed to board in Yerevan.

Please note that the flight is scheduled to land in Doha Friday, April 17 at 22:50 local time. Individuals are responsible for travel arrangements and additional costs (meals, onward flights, transportation, etc.) in Doha and from Doha onward. Please check with the airlines to book onward travel. The Embassy is aware of an onward flight to Dulles International Airport scheduled for Saturday, April 18 departing at 8:05 am local time. The Embassy is also aware of an onward flight to Los Angeles International Airport via Dallas/Fort Worth departing Doha on Sunday, April 19.

Travelers should be aware that entry into Qatar is currently suspended for foreign nationals and plan onward travel accordingly. Please check the website for Hamad International Airport for more information here. Passengers intending to depart on Saturday, April 17 can also check with the Oryx Airport Hotel for additional information regarding overnight stays.

This will be the only evacuation flight provided to depart Armenia. Please complete this Flight Manifest Information form if you intend to take advantage of the flight. The flights will be filled in the order the form is completed. Please do not call the Embassy to confirm receipt of your email; we will contact you if you are confirmed for a seat on the flight. Please see our previous notice for additional details.

All passengers will need to reimburse the U.S. government for the flight from Yerevan to Doha, and a promissory note for approximately USD 988 must be signed before boarding. Please fill out the DS-5528 Promissory Note form and bring this form to the airport. The Embassy will have additional forms at the airport prior to check in for those unable to fill out in advance. The form will be given in lieu of cash or credit card payment, and the cost must be repaid at a later date.

For passengers who are interested but unable to cover the costs of onward travel from Doha to the United States, a U.S. government loan may be available. Please be aware that this will be a loan from the U.S. government and must be repaid. Interested passengers should send an email with including first and last name, date of birth, passport number, and contact information to by COB Tuesday, April 14. Please include “Financial Assistance for Repatriation Flight” in the subject line.

Meals will be provided on the plane, but passengers should bring snacks or food for special diets. Please note that luggage is limited to 40 kg per person in total, with a maximum of two checked bags and one carry-on bag. Please note that pets cannot be accommodated on this flight. Exact departure time and routing are subject to change. For questions about this evacuation flight, please send an email to

Unless you receive an email from the U.S. Embassy in Armenia confirming your flight, please do not come to the airport in Yerevan. Only those with email confirmations will be permitted to fly on this flight