American Citizen Services visitors should schedule your appointment on-line.

An American citizen who wishes to marry an Armenian citizen must complete a form (in English and Armenian) stating that he/she is legally free to marry. A Consular Officer must notarize this form. The fee is USD 50 or the equivalent in Armenian dram, payable at the Consular Section.

Please complete but DO NOT SIGN your application forms in advance and bring them to the Consular Section on the day of your appointment.

Please DO NOT COMPLETE the part below signature line!

Marriage form is available for downloading at (PDF 43 KB) (Armenian Version – PDF 60 KB).

Application forms should only be signed at the Consular Section, in front of the adjudicating officer. Application forms are also available at the Consular Section and may be completed there.

After the forms are notarized, they must be presented to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for authentication. The Ministry is located at 3, Vazgen Sargsyan street, Government Building #2. The marriage must then be registered by the Civil Acts Registration Agency (also known as ZAGS) at the Ministry of Justice. When going to the Civil Acts Registration Agency, the Armenian spouse must submit a similar document from his/her local Civil Acts Registration Agency office stating that he/she is free to marry. An official translation of the American’s passport is also required.

If you wish to file an immigrant visa petition on behalf of your spouse, please see Immigrant Visas.