Statement on behalf of international community partners providing electoral technical assistance in Armenia

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As the people of Armenia head to the polls to elect a new parliament this Sunday, we in the international community encourage all participants to ensure that the high overall standard set in the previous elections of 2018 is met or exceeded.

Towards this end, we have continued to provide technical support to the Central Electoral Commission and other relevant entities to help promote a credible election process that is undertaken in a transparent and professional manner.

We encourage all parties to contribute to a respectful and peaceful environment conducive to the free expression of voters’ rights throughout this important step for the future of the country. We remain committed partners in support of peace and prosperity for all in Armenia.

Statement made on behalf of the following (in alphabetical order):

Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin, Delegation of the European Union to Armenia
Ambassador John Gallagher, Embassy of the United Kingdom in Armenia
Ambassador Lynne Tracy, Embassy of the United States of America in Armenia
Ambassador Masanori Fukushima, Embassy of Japan in Armenia
Ambassador Dr. Michael Banzhaf, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Armenia
Ambassador Nico Schermers, Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Armenia
Ambassador Patrik Svensson, Embassy of Sweden in Armenia
Mr. Shombi Sharp, Resident Coordinator, United Nations in Armenia
Ambassador Stefano Lazzarotto, Embassy of Switzerland in Armenia