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Ambassador Heffern’s address to mission employees

Award Ceremony (as prepared) Thanks, Amanda, and thanks to everyone for joining us for this event. Embassy Yerevan has a first rate team – in every section, in every way. The place always looks great.  Our visitors always have smooth and productive visits.  We are succeeding in pushing our message domestically and regionally in many ...
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Ambassador’s Remarks on the U.S.-Armenian Relationship: The Next Twenty Years (as prepared)

John A. Heffern, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia April 2, 2012 Hrazdan Hotel Yerevan, Armenia   Thanks to the Hrazdan Hotel for hosting us here today to talk about U.S.-Armenian relations.  We chose this location for a specific reason.  Twenty years ago, in February 1992, the United States opened its first Embassy in four rooms up ...
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Remarks by Ambassador John Heffern at the Free and Fair Elections Conference

Thank you Prime Minister Sargsian for your remarks and Prosecutor General Hovsepyan for initiating this conference. The U.S. and Armenia have much to be proud of in the twenty-year history of our bilateral relations. The U.S.-Armenia relationship is strong and getting stronger.  The U.S. has long supported Armenia’s transition to democracy – through assistance projects ...
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