USAID and Government of Armenia Extend Two Bilateral Agreements to Advance US-Armenia Strategic Dialogue

USAID and Government of Armenia Extend Two Bilateral Agreements to Advance US-Armenia Strategic Dialogue

Yerevan, Armenia – On May 8, following the U.S.-Armenia Strategic Dialogue in Yerevan, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Armenia signed extensions to two bilateral agreements to support Armenia’s private sector and democratic development.

USAID Bureau for Europe and Eurasia’s Deputy Assistant Administrator Alexander Sokolowski, USAID/Armenia Mission Director Deborah Grieser, and the Acting Chief of Staff of the Office of the Armenian Prime Minister Tsovinar Soghomonyan signed an extension of the U.S.-Armenia bilateral agreement in the area of governance and public administration, adding $8.5 million to the agreement.  Since the inception of this agreement in 2013, USAID has provided a total of $35.1 million to support Armenia’s democratic development.

Under the extended agreement, USAID will continue to work with the Government of Armenia and local stakeholders to support a more participatory, transparent and accountable system of governance at national and local levels, enhance the country’s legal and regulatory environment, develop the professional skills of civil society organizations and independent media, and improve service delivery for citizens.

USAID also signed a second bilateral agreement with the Minister of Economic Development and Investments Tigran Khachatryan, USAID added $7.5 million to the $80.7-million U.S.-Armenia bilateral agreement to support a more competitive and diversified private sector in Armenia.  Programs will facilitate innovation across multiple industries, enhance the skills of industry workforce, and improve the business enabling environment.  Activities will also help improve key infrastructure services, such as energy and water, vital for enterprise growth and development.

USAID has collaborated with the Government of Armenia since the establishment of the Armenian mission in 1992. Today, USAID/Armenia implements approximately 30 projects to help increase Armenia’s economic growth and competitiveness, promote civic participation and participatory governance, expand access to quality healthcare, and improve the welfare and social inclusion of vulnerable children while promoting inclusive education and equal access to community services.