The Armenian Peacekeepers participated in multinational exercises

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The Armenian Peacekeepers participated in multinational exercises

From January 13 to February 2, the peacekeeping unit of the Armenian Armed Forces consisting of 75 servicemen participated in the regular multinational pre-deployment exercises at the training center of the US Armed Forces in Germany in the scope of the KFOR mission.

The transportation for the Armenian peacekeeping unit to and from Germany is being carried out by the U.S. Air Force aircrafts.

Along with the Armenian unit peacekeepers from the Armed Forces of the U.S., Germany, Romania, Portugal, Slovenia, Albania and other countries also participated in the exercises. The exercises aimed to improve the service capabilities of the units in peacekeeping, stabilization operations, crowd control, patrol service and other exercises under conditions similar to those in Kosovo and to enhance peacekeeping compatibility and interoperability level of units of the participating countries. For the first time the exercises included fire phobia training.

The Armenian peacekeeping troops have been participating in the peacekeeping mission in Kosovo since 2004 first under the Greek command then starting from July 2012 under the American command.