Air Ambulance Services

The U.S. Embassy and the Department of State remind travelers that many U.S. health insurance policies will not cover foreign doctors or hospitals. Also, foreign doctors and hospitals may be unwilling to negotiate with your U.S.-based insurance company, and payment may be required before treatment.

Travelers are also reminded that many health insurance plans will not cover the cost of returning a sick or injured traveler to the U.S.

Given the costs related to air ambulance services (usually more than U.S. $30,000), vistors to Armenia are strongly encouraged to purchase traveler’s insurance that includes air ambulance services. More information on short-term insurance that includes medical evaluation/ air ambulance service may be found on the U.S. Department of State’s Travel website.

All travelers should also review this travel insurance booklet (PDF 36 KB) prepared by the U.S. State Department.

The U.S. State Department also maintains lists of relevant companies on its Travel webiste. Lists include:

  • U.S. – based Air Ambulance/ Med-Evac companies
  • Foreign-based Air Ambulance/Med-Evac companies
  • U.S.-based Travel Insurance Companies
  • Foreign-based Travel Insurance Companies
  • Personalized Medical Services
  • Medical Escorts

Please click here to view the lists. These lists are provided FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and in no way constitute an endorsement, expressed or implied, by the State Department or the U.S. Embassy.