U.S. Embassy Hosted Delegation Focused on Clean Energy Sector Development

The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan hosted a delegation of academics and policy experts, who specialize in clean energy development. The group of subject-matter experts, a Partnership Opportunity Delegation organized by the State Department’s Office of Global Partnerships, was in Armenia for a three-day exploratory session where they discussed issues around Armenia’s renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors.

“We are pleased to welcome to the Embassy a group of individuals – academics, policy experts, and others – who have a passion for environmentally-sustainable, clean energy policy,” said Charge Clark Price, who welcomed the group to the Embassy on Tuesday, October 6, 2015. “By meeting with Armenian individuals and organizations from the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency, we hope this group will gain a better understanding of the successes, challenges, and needs in Armenia’s green energy sector.”

The 11-member delegation, which included Special Representative Drew O’Brien from the State Department’s Office of Global Partnerships, spent their time in Armenia studying the barriers to entry that exist in Armenia in the field of renewable energy.

They held informational discussions with organizations working in the field, such as the Armenia Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Fund (R2E2) and the Alliance to Save Energy, Armenia. Additionally, they had discussions with the engineering experts who worked on the recently completed USAID Clean Energy and Water program. In addition, they met with engineering and environmental faculty from a number of academic institutions.

“Helping Armenians develop a robust commitment to clean energy and energy efficiency is important. Such a commitment will help Armenia develop new economic opportunities and will contribute to the global effort to preserve our environment,” Charge Price said. “I hope that after their meetings in Armenia, this group of academics and policy experts will have a better understanding of the level of green energy development in Armenia and the challenges the industry faces and the opportunity to forge long-lasting Armenian-American partnerships.”