Building bridges between two nations, U.S. Embassy bring U.S. students to Armenia for internships

Building bridges between two nations, U.S. Embassy bring U.S. students to Armenia for internships

The global marketplace is constantly shrinking. To survive in any profession after graduation, today’s university students need to understand how to work across borders and in different cultures. This is why USA Study Abroad, a U.S. Department of State program, is working to expose young Americans to foreign cultures. This year, the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan was pleased to sponsor seven U.S. students who had summer internships in Armenian companies.

“Today’s economy is a global economy. That is why it is so important for students to learn how to navigate cross-cultural issues,” U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills, Jr., said. “The future will require multi-national cooperation, and such internships are a perfect way to develop that skill.”

Through six-week internships, the young U.S. students aided their Armenian host organizations and companies with market research, outreach planning, volunteer management, and developing of reporting structures. During the last week of their internship last month, the interns presented to their Armenian hosts and U.S. Embassy officials on the work they were able to achieve.

The U.S. interns were placed in companies and organizations such as ArmAs, ICARE/EVN Wine Academy, Solaron, Start Up Foundation Armenia, Article 3, and the Armenian Association of Social Workers. The students also met with the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia to learn about that organization’s efforts and build their network with AmCham members.

This year’s inaugural internship program will also promote the study in Armenia by U.S. college students, expanding the cultural bridges being built through person-to-person exchanges.

“These interns have developed lasting relationships with their host organizations and host families. They are eager to share their experiences and impressions of Armenia with their U.S. communities and campuses. We look forward to welcoming another group of U.S. students to Armenia in 2019,” said Karen Smith, Country Director for Armenia at American Councils for International Education.