Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENT AND EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA APPLICANTS: We do not accept late arrival letters. If your program start date has already passed, in accordance with U.S. law, you must provide an updated I-20 form OR have your SEVIS updated to reflect that you have a current program start date that is in the future, or SEVIS annotation under Remarks section that late arrival is permitted. If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.

J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date. F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Student and exchange visitor (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. If the embassy has not been notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

Family members of principal applicants will not be issued a visa before the principal applicant’s visa is issued. For example: F2, J2, L2 and H4 visas will not be issued until the respective F1, J1, L1 and H1B visas have been issued.

The date stated here, next to your case number, is not a new appointment date. It is the expiration date of your Administrative Processing. Failure to submit your passport/documents prior to that date will result in significant delays in your visa issuance. We strongly advise you to send your passport/documents to our office at your very earliest convenience after your case number is announced here.

Case Number AP Valid until 
AA008VCM7X 1-Jul-20
AA008SWIC5 1-Jul-20
AA008MN6MC 1-Jul-20
AA008NJKKS 1-Jul-20
AA008ULCUN 1-Jul-20
AA008ZQV8J 14-Nov-19
AA008RELUA 14-Nov-19
AA008UCPFR 14-Nov-19
AA008G98RA 13-Nov-19
AA008RV7FY 16-Nov-19
AA008QN6N0 15-Nov-19
AA008FEXGM 16-Nov-19
AA008T9J1R 19-Nov-19
AA008R3G4G 19-Nov-19
AA008UZPLZ 26-Nov-19
AA008VNUVJ 26-Nov-19
AA008RYT92 28-Nov-19
AA008SFGR7 28-Nov-19
AA008TQ3EZ 30-Nov-19
AA008T40O3 29-Nov-19
AA008SVPL9 4-Dec-19
AA006RYTWS 4-Dec-19
AA008SAIJ7 26-Nov-19
AA00933FM1 4-Dec-19
AA008X23YN 4-Dec-19
AA008UF4WZ 5-Dec-19
AA008XQV0P 5-Dec-19
AA008U7FKB 5-Dec-19
AA008UIOR9 7-Dec-19
AA008RUP7W 7-Dec-19
AA008REGHQ 10-Dec-19
AA008REQ7I 12-Dec-19
AA008G1LIG 17-Dec-19
AA008TSD3Z 18-Dec-19
AA007SSRQ4 20-Dec-19
AA008USA4P 19-Dec-19
AA008UI1Q9 19-Dec-19
AA008RYFLA 21-Dec-19
AA0085TUZ2 25-Dec-19
AA0091IZFD 25-Dec-19
AA009157FX 25-Dec-19
AA0085W8AC 17-Dec-19
AA0090ED9X 27-Dec-19
AA008PIX8S 27-Dec-19
AA0090M9G7 2-Jan-20
AA008SYJE3 2-Jan-20
AA008KA260 2-Jan-20
AA00972AW1 2-Jan-20
AA007U19WO 2-Jan-20
AA008PINQ4 2-Jan-20
AA008JCJG8 2-Jan-20
AA00950XE3 3-Jan-20
AA0093VZWB 3-Jan-20
AA0091CYBP 3-Jan-20
AA0091FT1N 3-Jan-20
AA008XSAA1 3-Jan-20
AA0094QUIX 3-Jan-20
AA0090JNPF 3-Jan-20
AA008W79PX 3-Jan-20
AA0090N2TP 3-Jan-20
AA008V46HH 3-Jan-20
AA008WJU5P 3-Jan-20
AA008R9VWW 3-Jan-20
AA0090KQLD 3-Jan-20
AA0095T72Z 4-Jan-20
AA0092T68B 4-Jan-20
AA008UXSNH 28-Dec-19
AA008T0PAL 4-Jan-20
AA008SCFXN 4-Jan-20
AA0091KFAR 7-Jan-20
AA008WOSXD 7-Jan-20
AA008UXSNH 28-Dec-19
AA008TRNIF 9-Jan-20
AA008QPGB8 9-Jan-20
AA008OU4ZI 11-Jan-20
AA0094LAEJ 10-Jan-20
AA008Z1TH5 11-Jan-20
AA00912PNP 11-Jan-20
AA00927OAR 11-Jan-20
AA0092EA69 11-Jan-20
AA008ZC6RF 11-Jan-20
AA0094XS15 11-Jan-20
AA00914RTL 12-Jan-20
AA008UYZ7R 11-Jan-20
AA008WVCFD 11-Jan-20
AA008XXE39 11-Jan-20
AA008081MU 11-Jan-20
AA008VH8FV 11-Jan-20
AA008RQ8JK 11-Jan-20
AA008M1MU2 11-Jan-20
AA0086UHU0 11-Jan-20
AA007SXMCQ 11-Jan-20
AA0087UTSG 11-Jan-20
AA0087UVLO 11-Jan-20
AA0081WYNQ 11-Jan-20
AA0087UPMS 11-Jan-20
AA0087WSSE 11-Jan-20
AA008ZC7AZ 11-Jan-20
AA0086UIMW 11-Jan-20
AA00813AF6 11-Jan-20
AA008AOI4S 11-Jan-20
AA0095C1U5 11-Jan-20
AA007TN7OQ 11-Jan-20
AA008RGYS6 15-Jan-20
AA008TT76L 15-Jan-20
AA008Y4LGR 15-Jan-20
AA008RW8GO 15-Jan-20
AA0090SF8P 15-Jan-20
AA008Z2AM1 15-Jan-20
AA008T7ZNR 15-Jan-20
AA008NYD16 15-Jan-20
AA00932WO5 15-Jan-20
AA0094OHHP 15-Jan-20
AA008OQHIG 15-Jan-20
AA007XG7YO 15-Jan-20
AA009780M9 15-Jan-20
AA008WX9NV 15-Jan-20
AA0093SJS9 15-Jan-20
AA0090TUTB 15-Jan-20
AA008TRPW9 15-Jan-20
AA008SV55Z 15-Jan-20
AA007TNLDG 16-Jan-20
AA0093MGMZ 18-Jan-20
AA008YAT3J 19-Jan-20
AA0094YI81 22-Jan-20
AA00936XJD 22-Jan-20
AA008Y7MGJ 22-Jan-20
AA008Z03T3 22-Jan-20
AA00934PCV 22-Jan-20
AA0092Z2N9 22-Jan-20
AA0096GZAR 22-Jan-20
AA00935KZX 22-Jan-20
AA00950SR9 22-Jan-20
AA0094AJZ1 22-Jan-20
AA008WPBM3 22-Jan-20
AA0091GN0J 22-Jan-20
AA008LAL0I 22-Jan-20
AA0093UHYT 23-Jan-20
AA00919POT 23-Jan-20
AA0094PV2D 23-Jan-20
AA0096Z1U9 23-Jan-20
AA0096J5F9 25-Jan-20
AA0091DQXV 25-Jan-20
AA00982WZ5 25-Jan-20
AA0094Q4DV 25-Jan-20
AA008UR3OH 25-Jan-20
AA008XMYX3 25-Jan-20
AA008HWK8I 25-Jan-20
AA0093ZA05 25-Jan-20
AA00951S1X 25-Jan-20
AA008RJI96 25-Jan-20
AA008XPV3Z 25-Jan-20
AA008U64OV 25-Jan-20
AA0092T6HR 25-Jan-20
AA0097QYF7 25-Jan-20
AA00935LYH 25-Jan-20
AA00976PTB 25-Jan-20
AA0093TH0N 25-Jan-20
AA008UXSNH 28-Jan-20
AA008WNIE9 30-Jan-20
AA0095BM6B 30-Jan-20
AA0098AEGL 30-Jan-20
AA007X086U 1-Feb-20
AA0095GOMZ 1-Feb-20
AA00970BL9 5-Feb-20
AA0093FV3P 5-Feb-20
AA0097BBX3 5-Feb-20
AA008KCEAM 6-Feb-20
AA008WLFSJ 5-Feb-20
AA0099ZA6B 5-Feb-20
AA009708VX 5-Feb-20
AA008L73NI 7-Feb-20
AA008D3WXK 7-Feb-20
AA0083L106 7-Feb-20
AA00969VH9 12-Feb-20
AA009B3T1J 12-Feb-20
AA008CMY4Q 14-Feb-20
AA008UAUHH 14-Feb-20
AA008RZAJQ 14-Feb-20
AA008QKUXE 14-Feb-20
AA008SQTGX 14-Feb-20
AA008RWEDI 14-Feb-20
AA009734H1 14-Feb-20
AA008S5U7D 14-Feb-20
AA008X7IIJ 14-Feb-20
AA0094Q151 14-Feb-20
AA008RUBNW 14-Feb-20
AA0097L9LD 14-Feb-20
AA008QKQZG 14-Feb-20
AA0088PZYM 14-Feb-20
AA008TA2LF 14-Feb-20
AA008EPW78 14-Feb-20
AA008SVGWP 14-Feb-20
AA008QK42K 14-Feb-20
AA008RP4OY 14-Feb-20
AA008W48NT 14-Feb-20
AA008QN2K2 14-Feb-20
AA008RH8YU 14-Feb-20
AA008WLF5R 14-Feb-20
AA008PM5V4 14-Feb-20
AA00976QBR 14-Feb-20
AA008REQLW 14-Feb-20
AA008RWHV4 14-Feb-20
AA008SF75H 15-Feb-20
AA008RCH8C 15-Feb-20
AA008OI96U 15-Feb-20
AA008T4AP5 15-Feb-20
AA008RQIKS 15-Feb-20
AA008TP12F 15-Feb-20
AA008VL91F 15-Feb-20
AA008WDV1X 15-Feb-20
AA008OZEXY 15-Feb-20
AA008Q1H1M 15-Feb-20
AA009711TJ 15-Feb-20
AA008X8N6H 15-Feb-20
AA008OK8Q6 15-Feb-20
AA008RH6J4 15-Feb-20
AA008QXOQK 15-Feb-20
AA008QCTV6 15-Feb-20
AA008VLP1L 15-Feb-20
AA008ULD4T 15-Feb-20
AA008PY986 15-Feb-20
AA008XVTF9 15-Feb-20
AA008W4RID 15-Feb-20
AA008X13BX 15-Feb-20
AA008UBEJZ 15-Feb-20
AA008SR4VZ 15-Feb-20
AA008RU27M 18-Feb-20
AA008WT3FD 18-Feb-20
AA008UIWMH 18-Feb-20
AA008VWGK9 18-Feb-20
AA008UBEY3 18-Feb-20
AA008X83ZB 18-Feb-20
AA008RQ5QA 18-Feb-20
AA008RPQXE 18-Feb-20
AA008V7GJ9 18-Feb-20
AA008Y627D 18-Feb-20
AA008RDNC8 18-Feb-20
AA008U0IPP 18-Feb-20
AA008SQ62V 18-Feb-20
AA008S7IYL 18-Feb-20
AA008RCR8W 18-Feb-20
AA008TU8RL 18-Feb-20
AA008WH3WD 18-Feb-20
AA008S5KUH 18-Feb-20
AA008SATAL 19-Feb-20
AA008XLZG1 19-Feb-20
AA008ULG6Z 19-Feb-20
AA008SUIZ3 19-Feb-20
AA005U42A8 8-Feb-20
AA008QCLZE 20-Feb-20
AA009ASGZT 21-Feb-20
AA009AFCL3 21-Feb-20
AA008U6MSP 21-Feb-20
AA0098SNXF 21-Feb-20
AA008UUUJ7 14-Feb-20
AA0097XILJ 25-Feb-20
AA009A7OPB 25-Feb-20
AA0096HFJH 26-Feb-20
AA008VC48L 26-Feb-20
AA008QBZBE 26-Feb-20
AA009BBLRT 26-Feb-20
AA008W3UHR 27-Feb-20
AA00838OR8 9-Feb-20
AA0083U51E 9-Feb-20
AA007FZZVO 28-Feb-20
AA0099NPQD 29-Feb-20
AA009A9DRB 29-Feb-20
AA008Q1354 29-Feb-20
AA009ASUV9 29-Feb-20
AA006QX92U 29-Feb-20
AA0076HZCY 29-Feb-20
AA008R4GWU 29-Feb-20
AA007E4G38 29-Feb-20
AA0099NGJT 29-Feb-20
AA006QX5TY 29-Feb-20
AA007D28H0 29-Feb-20
AA006TPZJW 29-Feb-20
AA007E5EMW 29-Feb-20
AA009A4U9R 29-Feb-20
AA008MRJFI 29-Feb-20
AA008VFJUP 4-Mar-20
AA008UNYZ5 4-Mar-20
AA008ZJ5AD 4-Mar-20
AA008QN6R4 4-Mar-20
AA008RIJS6 4-Mar-20
AA008ZHP9D 4-Mar-20
AA00983Y7X 4-Mar-20
AA007TMOJ8 4-Mar-20
AA00998TGN 4-Mar-20
AA00979BXX 4-Mar-20
AA0096FBNX 4-Mar-20
AA0095FANH 4-Mar-20
AA00972NXB 4-Mar-20
AA008W1Q0D 4-Mar-20
AA00974G1V 5-Mar-20
AA0096IZCF 5-Mar-20
AA0086DQ8M 7-Mar-20
AA009A10TF 8-Mar-20
AA0099OEPX 8-Mar-20
AA0095HFYV 8-Mar-20
AA009A61B9 8-Mar-20
AA008SV907 7-Mar-20
AA0099P76H 8-Mar-20
AA0087UZE2 7-Mar-20
AA007MI7LE 11-Mar-19
AA008SUSHJ 13-Mar-20
AA008QOFEO 12-Mar-20
AA008RGX6I 12-Mar-20
AA008TXQWZ 12-Mar-20
AA008QFJ68 13-Mar-20
AA008V0YY3 13-Mar-20
AA008P8ZLE 12-Mar-19
AA008TJGP9 12-Mar-19
AA008PJ0US 12-Mar-19
AA008SWB0X 12-Mar-19
AA008RES32 12-Mar-19
AA008GWRNU 13-Mar-19
AA008Q77RU 12-Mar-19
AA008U7JCF 12-Mar-19
AA008SVXSP 13-Mar-19
AA008O0LPQ 13-Mar-19
AA008S5OW5 13-Mar-19
AA008IMU5Y 13-Mar-19
AA008SBICJ 13-Mar-19