Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

If your case number is listed below, then the administrative processing for your visa application is complete.

Please note that it usually takes at least 5 business days before you receive an email notification that you can pick up your passport from the same UMAKS/DHL office, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, excluding Armenian holidays.

Applicants can also designate third parties to drop off and pick up their passports for them providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photo copy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Please contact CSC Visa Information Service directly at if you need further assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENT AND EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA APPLICANTS: We do not accept late arrival letters. If your program start date has already passed, in accordance with U.S. law, you must provide an updated I-20 form, have your SEVIS updated to reflect that you have a current program start date that is in the future, or a SEVIS annotation under the remarks section that late arrival is permitted. If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.

J, F and M visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date. F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Student and exchange visitor (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. If the embassy has not been notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

Family members of principal applicants will not be issued a visa before the principal applicant’s visa is issued. For example: F2, J2, L2 and H4 visas will not be issued until the respective F1, J1, L1 and H1B visas have been issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR IRANIAN H1B VISA APPLICANTS: If your case number is posted on this website, then your visa may be issued once your passport is received. However, you first need to make the reciprocity fee payment at the Embassy in cash in the amount of USD 19 (or equivalent amount in Armenian drams at the Embassy rate) any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. For information on the reciprocity schedule for Iranian nationals, please visit the U.S. Department of State website. For the list of Embassy official holidays, please visit

Additionally, you can designate a third party to make the payment for you providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photocopy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Case Number AP Valid Until
AA00ASN143 6-Dec-23
AA00AEWH2B 6-Dec-23
AA00BIAGY7 6-Dec-23
AA00AD9OLD 8-Dec-23
AA00ASS2P7 8-Dec-23
AA00ALFJ7T 8-Dec-23
AA00BHBOY9 7-Dec-23
AA00AJ2GDB 7-Dec-23
AA00BM1WZR 7-Dec-23
AA00BNJCEJ 7-Dec-23
AA00BMTT2B 7-Dec-23
AA00BASAXP 7-Dec-23
AA00AM1SC3 7-Dec-23
AA00BS8FXJ 23-Nov-23
AA00BHP7DH 7-Dec-23
AA00B5BLQX 7-Dec-23
AA00BERGDP 7-Dec-23
AA00BRDM8Z 8-Dec-23
AA00BO26BT 7-Dec-23
AA00C22GI5 7-Dec-23
AA00C1BRDB 7-Dec-23
AA00BQFH3V 7-Dec-23
AA00BS8AXL 7-Dec-23
AA00BFDXM5 7-Dec-23
AA00BEXBYF 7-Dec-23
AA00BY3VYJ 7-Dec-23
AA00BZW7L7 7-Dec-23
AA00BEW0Q1 7-Dec-23
AA00C4JOST 7-Dec-23
AA00AZOXHF 7-Dec-23
AA00BE2EXZ 7-Dec-23
AA00C1ZF3J 7-Dec-23
AA00BFEP5L 7-Dec-23
AA00BSRHLP 7-Dec-23
AA00BEVI73 7-Dec-23
AA00C646RF 7-Dec-23
AA00C2DEOV 7-Dec-23
AA00BMZ6HX 7-Dec-23
AA00BEVWAN 7-Dec-23
AA00BFO17B 7-Dec-23
AA00BHY5OJ 7-Dec-23
AA00C4Y1P3 7-Dec-23
AA00BFMWCV 7-Dec-23
AA00BUSXBH 7-Dec-23
AA00BMSDR1 7-Dec-23
AA00C5W2WZ 7-Dec-23
AA00B8X8X5 7-Dec-23
AA00C7GJKL 8-Dec-23
AA00C6WBBZ 8-Dec-23
AA00AO4U8F 7-Dec-23
AA00ASU2DJ 8-Dec-23
AA00ASW8GD 9-Dec-23
AA00ARNOR3 8-Dec-23
AA00AS9J0R 9-Dec-23
AA00AOIW79 9-Dec-23
AA00BFV2VP 8-Dec-23
AA00BNZDQR 8-Dec-23
AA00BFBWQN 8-Dec-23
AA00BGJP5D 8-Dec-23
AA00BOQTRJ 8-Dec-23
AA00BA1P87 8-Dec-23
AA00C14RJR 9-Dec-23
AA00BWJWYD 8-Dec-23
AA00BWJEMF 8-Dec-23
AA00B344D5 10-Dec-23
AA00BU3DIV 9-Dec-23
AA00A49X4P 12-Dec-23
AA00B8JKTT 12-Dec-23
AA00B5R22H 12-Dec-23
AA00BY6H1Z 12-Dec-23
AA00BI01BV 12-Dec-23
AA00B8HB93 12-Dec-23
AA00C1JZUV 12-Dec-23
AA00BFJS0X 12-Dec-23
AA00BERJ3T 12-Dec-23
AA00C49RRX 12-Dec-23
AA00BL7437 12-Dec-23
AA00BR93O1 12-Dec-23
AA00C49CPD 12-Dec-23
AA00BBPBU9 12-Dec-23
AA00BKV0YL 13-Dec-23
AA00BVUUGX 13-Dec-23
AA00C38BG5 13-Dec-23
AA00BV2TA3 13-Dec-23
AA00C51JWR 13-Dec-23
AA00C55JF3 14-Dec-23
AA00BJZ6BX 14-Dec-23
AA00BJL91J 14-Dec-23
AA00BNMIDV 14-Dec-23
AA00BNMNL1 14-Dec-23
AA00BNN2P3 14-Dec-23
AA00BU557J 14-Dec-23
AA00C72TAZ 14-Dec-23
AA00AQC7Y7 14-Dec-23
AA00AQCAMX 29-Nov-23
AA00BJDKBJ 14-Dec-23
AA00C8K7NP 14-Dec-23
AA00BGFLNF 14-Dec-23
AA00BHLWTT 14-Dec-23
AA00AWU3YZ 15-Dec-23
AA00BIGVBX 15-Dec-23
AA00BPBJBD 15-Dec-23
AA00B4LEWB 20-Dec-23
AA00B63HV1 20-Dec-23
AA00BS88P5 20-Dec-23
AA00B1JRFD 20-Dec-23
AA00BYTXVN 20-Dec-23
AA00B1JRH3 20-Dec-23
AA00BOW73X 21-Dec-23
AA00BXCUTV 21-Dec-23
AA00C18MBB 21-Dec-23
AA00AX3VFT 27-Dec-23
AA00AKGJVF 27-Dec-23
AA00AVJFNV 27-Dec-23
AA009WZZ0B 28-Dec-23
AA00AGX5L5 28-Dec-23
AA00AY1UQH 28-Dec-23
AA00AXHREV 29-Dec-23
AA009YETLB 29-Dec-23
AA00AEU71L 29-Dec-23
AA00AH9LRT 29-Dec-23
AA009XWENT 29-Dec-23
AA00AUBNMX 29-Dec-23
AA00A14HVR 29-Dec-23
AA00B0IRVT 29-Dec-23
AA00C624HJ 26-Dec-23
AA00B63SJX 26-Dec-23
AA00C3ULZZ 28-Dec-23
AA00BIX7U1 26-Dec-23
AA00BMDEHR 28-Dec-23
AA00BRANMX 28-Dec-23
AA00C7VIJH 26-Dec-23
AA00BHO3GZ 28-Dec-23
AA00BJ31D3 26-Dec-23
AA00BPM2OP 28-Dec-23
AA00C1TYTJ 26-Dec-23
AA00BTWC87 26-Dec-23
AA00C13XMN 26-Dec-23
AA00C89F2D 26-Dec-23
AA00BLTGV9 26-Dec-23
AA00C72MRX 26-Dec-23
AA00BKRMBD 26-Dec-23
AA00BP1QTX 26-Dec-23
AA00BYZB1V 26-Dec-23
AA00C88LGX 26-Dec-23
AA00BU3SA7 26-Dec-23
AA00BK4IBJ 26-Dec-23
AA00C7HF8X 26-Dec-23
AA00BN6RL3 26-Dec-23
AA00B54TMV 26-Dec-23
AA00C6JZTZ 26-Dec-23
AA00BVZOHJ 26-Dec-23
AA00C8O8HB 26-Dec-23
AA00BQP96H 26-Dec-23
AA00C1KLYJ 26-Dec-23
AA00BRC2CB 26-Dec-23
AA00BT7VL9 26-Dec-23
AA00BU2OFF 26-Dec-23
AA00BUPNB1 26-Dec-23
AA00BSL291 26-Dec-23
AA00BGRIMX 30-Dec-23
AA00C7L9JH 30-Dec-23
AA00BQYSVV 30-Dec-23
AA00AY7SB7 30-Dec-23
AA00B6PLEX 30-Dec-23
AA00BBJUGL 30-Dec-23
AA00C503GZ 30-Dec-23
AA00BZCORD 30-Dec-23
AA00BR4P4T 30-Dec-23
AA00C3SP9B 30-Dec-23
AA00C6RJD7 30-Dec-23
AA00AE5JGN 5-Jan-23
AA00BLGSQT 11-Jan-24
AA00C2Y90L 11-Jan-24
AA00C61MQD 11-Jan-24
AA00BQQPH9 11-Jan-24
AA00BIOK5H 11-Jan-24
AA00C73RGJ 11-Jan-24
AA00C439B7 11-Jan-24
AA00BS2Q4P 11-Jan-24
AA00BNRF1B 11-Jan-24
AA00BVDH7L 11-Jan-24
AA00BT6ZZL 11-Jan-24
AA00BYDQ7B 11-Jan-24
AA00BN1JT7 11-Jan-24
AA00CAT0W5 11-Jan-24
AA00BQU9Y3 11-Jan-24
AA00BOHJ4D 11-Jan-24
AA00BX44JJ 11-Jan-24
AA00CADUZR 11-Jan-24
AA00BT43HJ 11-Jan-24
AA00CAD72N 11-Jan-24
AA00C0WYR9 11-Jan-24
AA00BT6Z0B 11-Jan-24
AA00BP0T73 11-Jan-24
AA00C236VB 11-Jan-24
AA00BRR299 11-Jan-24
AA00BZO9FR 11-Jan-24
AA00C73903 11-Jan-24
AA00C5OARH 11-Jan-24
AA00C5QJX7 11-Jan-24
AA00C8MFGP 11-Jan-24
AA00CA7ION 11-Jan-24
AA00C331DT 11-Jan-24
AA00C6FPCJ 11-Jan-24
AA00BQC7W7 11-Jan-24
AA00C3BEED 11-Jan-24
AA00BPS4MJ 11-Jan-24
AA00BPJWTF 11-Jan-24
AA00BKTCF1 11-Jan-24
AA00C9Y9HN 11-Jan-24
AA00BOEBCB 11-Jan-24
AA00C2HX8H 11-Jan-24
AA00C67ZR1 11-Jan-24
AA00BESB2D 11-Jan-24
AA00C6IRSX 11-Jan-24
AA00BWU8GF 11-Jan-24
AA00C66S6J 11-Jan-24
AA00CA4O1V 11-Jan-24
AA00CA3JFR 11-Jan-24
AA00BY2ZON 11-Jan-24
AA00CAGRQ9 11-Jan-24
AA00BPJMEF 11-Jan-24
AA00BTAI49 11-Jan-24
AA00BYP0WP 11-Jan-24
AA00CATDAR 11-Jan-24
AA00BPYNG9 11-Jan-24
AA00BY8UR9 11-Jan-24
AA00C2WUFB 11-Jan-24
AA00BY3C9H 11-Jan-24
AA00BYSQMJ 11-Jan-24
AA00C15YHD 11-Jan-24
AA00BGLSYL 11-Jan-24
AA00BXCVYL 11-Jan-24
AA00BXCRIF 11-Jan-24
AA00C1VBEF 11-Jan-24
AA00BINCIZ 11-Jan-24
AA00BCJUCP 29-Dec-24
AA00BGOK0F 23-Jan-24
AA00BU6L2V 23-Jan-24
AA00C5IAC1 25-Jan-24