Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

IMPORTANT:  If your program start date has already passed, you MUST provide a letter from your university or program sponsor approving your late arrival.  If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.  J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date.  F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Case Number AP Valid until 
AA008MFVZ8 19-Jul-19
AA007U94KA 19-Jul-19
AA008MFNTS 19-Jul-19
AA008LUV80 30-Jul-19
AA007LQD0I 1-Aug-19
AA008MLBVM 1-Aug-19
AA007KXCXQ 2-Aug-19
AA008ODHD6 3-Aug-19
AA008PCPNM 9-Aug-19
AA008O250M 9-Aug-19
AA008QTUPQ 15-Aug-19
AA008KF78M 21-Aug-19
AA008K0MFS 24-Aug-19
AA0085VNB2 30-Aug-19
AA008BW968 30-Aug-19
AA0084MZY8 30-Aug-19
AA008CMY4Q 4-Sep-19
AA007TO17Q 6-Sep-19
AA008QBZBE 7-Sep-19
AA008S0Q7A 7-Sep-19
AA008P5A4S 12-Sep-19
AA0087S14U 15-Sep-19
AA008QKXI2 17-Sep-19
AA008U7JCF 17-Sep-19
AA008EPW78 18-Sep-19
AA0086C404 18-Sep-19
AA008GYL18 18-Sep-19
AA008GLWQA 18-Sep-19
AA008DQMRE 19-Sep-19
AA008D1WC2 19-Sep-19
AA008CEWYO 19-Sep-19
AA00847LT6 19-Sep-19
AA008F4QOY 19-Sep-19
AA0089SXV8 19-Sep-19
AA008PYSTW 28-Sep-19
AA008GEBZQ 2-Oct-19
AA008E7YQ6 2-Oct-19
AA008W3UHR 3-Oct-19
AA008CDMX6 5-Oct-19
AA008CIB5I 5-Oct-19
AA008CD9ZK 5-Oct-19
AA008H9YAQ 5-Oct-19
AA008CBOX8 5-Oct-19
AA008EC5BG 5-Oct-19
AA008GMD98 5-Oct-19
AA008GGU5M 5-Oct-19
AA008H1FNG 5-Oct-19
AA008F6FHS 5-Oct-19
AA008ELRLG 5-Oct-19
AA008IDRO4 5-Oct-19
AA008HRBLQ 5-Oct-19
AA008H1I9C 5-Oct-19
AA008HJWZI 5-Oct-19
AA008DSJ8I 5-Oct-19
AA008FSLSO 5-Oct-19
AA0080ZLPY 5-Oct-19
AA008E29S4 5-Oct-19
AA008H1IZS 5-Oct-19
AA008H7DK2 5-Oct-19
AA008EU0UA 5-Oct-19
AA008GA9AW 5-Oct-19
AA008H9R0A 5-Oct-19
AA008HD7JS 5-Oct-19
AA008C5SHE 5-Oct-19
AA008H4M6W 5-Oct-19
AA008CYD9O 5-Oct-19
 AA008AOI4S 5-Oct-19
AA008C3R3Q 8-Oct-19
AA008GNE32 9-Oct-19
AA008SI4JL 8-Oct-19
AA008F0WNY 9-Oct-19
AA008DOJUS 9-Oct-19
AA008HXDV6 8-Oct-19
AA008HTT0Q 9-Oct-19
AA008FH3LQ 8-Oct-19
AA008I5GUK 8-Oct-19
AA008IHF8E 9-Oct-19
AA008I00VA 9-Oct-19
AA008JLHR0 9-Oct-19
AA008TJDDT 9-Oct-19
AA008PE292 9-Oct-19
AA008QPVCY 9-Oct-19
AA003U23UG 9-Oct-19
AA008OD2WS 9-Oct-19
AA008RRNT4 9-Oct-19
AA008XSUUJ 9-Oct-19
AA008QUGHU 9-Oct-19
AA008RMQ0U 9-Oct-19
AA008QN9DE 9-Oct-19
AA008SBNHF 9-Oct-19
AA008PMY1I 9-Oct-19
AA008VLZ65 9-Oct-19
AA008SSAN7 9-Oct-19
AA008EFYMO 10-Oct-19
AA008E1YCQ 10-Oct-19
AA008HCR24 10-Oct-19
AA008HN3VY 10-Oct-19
AA008HILFK 10-Oct-19
AA008FTAQ8 10-Oct-19
AA008ELN2W 10-Oct-19
AA008ICR4U 10-Oct-19
AA008DT19G 10-Oct-19
AA008BR90Q 10-Oct-19
AA008JKXQ0 10-Oct-19
AA008J7MKG 10-Oct-19
AA008J4H2A 10-Oct-19
AA008E8GTS 10-Oct-19
AA008RCINS 11-Oct-19
AA008RBRP0 11-Oct-19
AA008RV5KA 11-Oct-19
AA008RMFEY 11-Oct-19
AA008IB0AE 12-Oct-19
AA008M5K5E 12-Oct-19
AA008NL936 12-Oct-19
AA008KD53U 12-Oct-19
AA008BULGE 13-Oct-19
AA008MKWJU 13-Oct-19
AA008J2JXE 13-Oct-19
AA008M5QUU 13-Oct-19
AA008K57DW 13-Oct-19
AA008D4Q26 13-Oct-19
AA008KCG1W 13-Oct-19
AA008KCEAM 13-Oct-19
AA008P63DS 15-Oct-19
AA008P5WYC 16-Oct-19
AA007CRTQY 17-Oct-19
AA008J70E2 18-Oct-19
AA008KG29O 18-Oct-19
AA008KHPYA 18-Oct-19
AA008L3BHO 18-Oct-19
AA008K5COK 18-Oct-19
AA008K17NM 18-Oct-19
AA008JSUDM 18-Oct-19
AA008E0H1Y 18-Oct-19
AA008KAKU4 18-Oct-19
AA008H5UKY 18-Oct-19
AA008U0YE3 18-Oct-19
AA008OKTQO 19-Oct-19
AA008P8F7K 19-Oct-19
AA008RGDQC 19-Oct-19
AA008S9GAL 19-Oct-19
AA008R2IG2 19-Oct-19
AA008TTOSF 19-Oct-19
AA008RWS2A 19-Oct-19
AA008P4WLS 19-Oct-19
AA008TSGZ7 19-Oct-19
AA008KZ0CM 19-Oct-19
AA008QXLT8 19-Oct-19
AA008SN3O3 19-Oct-19
AA008RCUYQ 19-Oct-19
AA008SFE09 19-Oct-19
AA008RCUYW 19-Oct-19
AA008RH10O 19-Oct-19
AA008RP77O 19-Oct-19
AA008RHFWS 19-Oct-19
AA008S7N4Z 19-Oct-19
AA008RKV66 19-Oct-19
AA008T09CN 19-Oct-19
AA008UGZPD 19-Oct-19
AA008ROR0G 19-Oct-19
AA008L822K 20-Oct-19
AA008RQPH8 20-Oct-19
AA008SIE7D 20-Oct-19
AA008QPWTK 20-Oct-19
AA008RQPH0 20-Oct-19
AA008PXZDC 20-Oct-19
AA008QQ69M 20-Oct-19
AA008PDLIO 20-Oct-19
AA008QO32G 20-Oct-19
AA008W8B0L 20-Oct-19
AA008SVVCB 20-Oct-19
AA008S78QT 20-Oct-19
AA008V3101 20-Oct-19
AA008RZMA2 20-Oct-19
AA008RCACY 20-Oct-19
AA008Y7Z2D 18-Oct-19
AA007T9SX0 19-Oct-19
AA008REB8E 19-Oct-19
AA008RWABO 19-Oct-19
AA008RYRTG 19-Oct-19
AA008SA8ET 19-Oct-19
AA008RHZZC 19-Oct-19
AA008RSIDK 19-Oct-19
AA008RUQIC 19-Oct-19
AA008L4M3C 19-Oct-19
AA008SQQWR 19-Oct-19
AA008RB7W0 19-Oct-19
AA008QWXCC 19-Oct-19
AA008NYOI4 19-Oct-19
AA008RTT08 19-Oct-19
AA008H5UDK 22-Oct-19
AA008J5K5C 22-Oct-19
AA008K8GSI 22-Oct-19
AA008JFLEY 22-Oct-19
AA008IJRWS 22-Oct-19
AA008JR1GE 22-Oct-19
AA008UHTNJ 22-Oct-19
AA008OOYPS 22-Oct-19
AA008SXLBN 22-Oct-19
AA008SJ7B1 22-Oct-19
AA008SSAQH 22-Oct-19
AA008RHQR8 22-Oct-19
AA008SV5NZ 22-Oct-19
AA008QUWR0 22-Oct-19
AA008SXST9 22-Oct-19
AA008RI6CE 22-Oct-19
AA008TSXF3 22-Oct-19
AA008QWZNA 22-Oct-19
AA008QOFL6 22-Oct-19
AA008RE1RE 22-Oct-19
AA008T8HOD 22-Oct-19
AA008SLZSB 22-Oct-19
AA0088JYCU 22-Oct-19
AA008PUZFG 24-Oct-19
AA0083H9EE 24-Oct-19
AA008QO86K 24-Oct-19
AA008PSFFE 24-Oct-19
AA008Q3YV4 24-Oct-19
AA008NCWLS 24-Oct-19
AA008NWLHK 24-Oct-19
AA008NY9WA 24-Oct-19
AA008O53DS 24-Oct-19
AA007T25HE 24-Oct-19
AA008NUAHO 24-Oct-19
AA008OW91I 24-Oct-19
AA008OJMVW 24-Oct-19
AA007XQO8O 24-Oct-19
AA008PVEQC 24-Oct-19
AA008L6830 24-Oct-19
AA008Q039E 25-Oct-19
AA008LVEMA 25-Oct-19
AA008Q3MH8 25-Oct-19
AA008PK35W 25-Oct-19
AA008RHOG2 25-Oct-19
AA008QY8DQ 25-Oct-19
AA008TSWCH 25-Oct-19
AA008U1A1N 25-Oct-19
AA008OP0M0 25-Oct-19
AA008X13XH 25-Oct-19
AA008RY4TA 25-Oct-19
AA008RVDX8 25-Oct-19
AA008UYWGB 25-Oct-19
AA008WKZZV 25-Oct-19
AA008UPVKT 25-Oct-19
AA008KWHKO 25-Oct-19
AA008TMKGD 25-Oct-19
AA008QKG54 25-Oct-19
AA008U6XK5 1-Jul-20
AA008SWMYX 1-Jul-20
AA0091KH51 1-Jul-20
AA008UG2EH 1-Jul-20
AA008WNI31 1-Jul-20
AA008UKJEN 1-Jul-20
AA008W4IPV 1-Jul-20
AA0091G15J 1-Jul-20
AA008WE1BJ 1-Jul-20
AA008UN695 1-Jul-20
AA008W94KN 1-Jul-20
AA008VCM7X 1-Jul-20
AA008XFK03 1-Jul-20
AA008ZZ3OV 1-Jul-20
AA008Y8893 1-Jul-20
AA008Y7WP9 1-Jul-20
AA008PP660 1-Jul-20
AA008W3UPP 1-Jul-20
AA008WRZ6X 1-Jul-20
AA008WBGBF 1-Jul-20
AA008YEEMJ 1-Jul-20
AA008T52FD 1-Jul-20
AA0090NWU7 1-Jul-20
AA0090JY7H 1-Jul-20
AA008SWIC5 1-Jul-20
AA008OSB8G 1-Jul-20
AA008VWBE9 1-Jul-20
AA008RE2BQ 1-Jul-20
AA008ZCEK9 1-Jul-20
AA008YXXWV 1-Jul-20
AA008VC7NT 1-Jul-20
AA008MN6MC 1-Jul-20
AA008F4G2O 1-Jul-20
AA008UW3AN 1-Jul-20
AA008YKK5P 1-Jul-20
AA008W3TQX 1-Jul-20
AA008TGK0X 1-Jul-20
AA008YBNKV 1-Jul-20
AA008UNPJN 1-Jul-20
AA008T6D2B 1-Jul-20
AA008NJKKS 1-Jul-20
AA008VUV1V 1-Jul-20
AA008TJY9R 1-Jul-20
AA00911AZH 1-Jul-20
AA008YK1TT 1-Jul-20
AA008TYT4T 1-Jul-20
AA008ULCUN 1-Jul-20
AA008ST6U1 1-Jul-20
AA008XFSMD 1-Jul-20
AA008VUPM9 1-Jul-20
AA008Y79T3 1-Jul-20
AA008YTBZF 1-Jul-20
AA0092AGRJ 1-Jul-20
AA008X357X 1-Jul-20
AA008ZQUP9 1-Jul-20
AA008SZ4Q5 1-Jul-20
AA008Y7QZP 1-Jul-20
AA00912279 1-Jul-20
AA008SV6UT 1-Jul-20
AA008Y45U1 1-Jul-20
AA008VYER7 1-Jul-20
AA008UAKFP 1-Jul-20
AA00915H3N 1-Jul-20
AA008Y8VB7 1-Jul-20
AA008V20T5 1-Jul-20
AA008UXRMT 1-Jul-20
AA008UYZ7R 29-Oct-19
AA008YXSKX 29-Oct-19
AA008YH13R 29-Oct-19
AA008YXSJ9 29-Oct-19
AA008SCANH 29-Oct-19
AA008QNA0M 29-Oct-19
AA008UECZL 29-Oct-19
AA008PDNI2 29-Oct-19
AA008YH03X 29-Oct-19
AA008RC0NE 29-Oct-19
AA008SUBJ1 29-Oct-19
AA008TRNTD 29-Oct-19
AA008QNOUC 29-Oct-19
AA008TPTGZ 29-Oct-19
AA008W1GRZ 29-Oct-19
AA008T3GQF 29-Oct-19
AA008TIEWD 29-Oct-19
AA008V6QMR 29-Oct-19
AA008RCKYW 29-Oct-19
AA008SUMQ9 29-Oct-19
AA008S1W5K 29-Oct-19
AA008TSOVZ 29-Oct-19
AA008QUWSQ 29-Oct-19
AA008SEELX 29-Oct-19
AA008U5LZD 29-Oct-19
AA008RJITY 29-Oct-19
AA008STVZT 29-Oct-19
AA008TQ8GJ 29-Oct-19
AA008NKHFO 30-Oct-19
AA008QTL0G 30-Oct-19
AA008SUJIP 30-Oct-19
AA008WGWJD 30-Oct-19
AA008SD2I9 30-Oct-19
AA008RGSYA 30-Oct-19
AA008V0003 30-Oct-19
AA008WWQ75 30-Oct-19
AA008WPNGR 30-Oct-19
AA008S6ODZ 30-Oct-19
AA008TY6VB 30-Oct-19
AA008RHJCA 30-Oct-19
AA008U5Z43 30-Oct-19
AA007NQPAU 26-Oct-19
AA008U5KQR 26-Oct-19
AA008X13FJ 26-Oct-19
AA008THZGV 31-Oct-19
AAA008Z3WFV 31-Oct-19
AA008UXUKJ 31-Oct-19
AA008XN637 31-Oct-19
AA008YEDWR 31-Oct-19
AA008VH1HH 31-Oct-19
AA008SV4CB 31-Oct-19
AA008V2RHV 31-Oct-19
AA008USAM5 31-Oct-19
AA008VLZEL 31-Oct-19
AA008TCLYX 31-Oct-19
AA008OKY36 01-Nov-19
AA008YAS2H 02-Nov-19
AA008W8FMN 02-Nov-19
AA008QLM8W 02-Nov-19
AA008T15FD 02-Nov-19
AA008P80VC 02-Nov-19
AA008F1CRW 02-Nov-19
AA008H6M5I 02-Nov-19
AA008FW49K 02-Nov-19
AA008EFKNO 02-Nov-19
AA008UXXID 02-Nov-19
AA008GZG98 30-Oct-19
AA008KWVG2 30-Oct-19
AA008KDHAK 30-Oct-19
AA008TRCTB 30-Oct-19
AA008THZGV 31-Oct-19
AA008QKN5Q 06-Nov-19
AA008PUPO8 06-Nov-19
AA008RDUWS 06-Nov-19
AA008T93WL 06-Nov-19
AA008WPABV 06-Nov-19
AA008SV70F 06-Nov-19
AA008RBTEI 09-Oct-19
AA008TBWDX 09-Nov-19
AAA008RGVJ2 10-Nov-19
AA008VQJCN 10-Nov-19
AA008TEIFX 10-Nov-19
AA008T3O1X 10-Nov-19
AA008S1KJ8 12-Nov-19
AA0090EJD7 12-Nov-19
AA008UZNFL 12-Nov-19
AA008VCSDV 12-Nov-19
AA008W63Q7 14-Nov-19
AA008D2FKI 15-Nov-19
AA008UJ89L 14-Nov-19
AA008RQZTA 14-Nov-19
AA008ZQV8J 14-Nov-19
AA008XFQK7 14-Nov-19
AA008TJ3XX 14-Nov-19
AA008VC4T1 14-Nov-19
AA008UKUOF 14-Nov-19
AA008TFVAV 14-Nov-19
AA008RELUA 14-Nov-19
AA008WDMNF 14-Nov-19
AA008WQD0D 14-Nov-19
AA008UCPFR 14-Nov-19
AA008G98RA 13-Nov-19
AA008RIEIS 15-Nov-19
AA008S61VH 15-Nov-19
AA008RV7FY 16-Nov-19
AA008NCA2C 15-Nov-19
AA008CHQUM 15-Nov-19
AA007EA6IA 15-Nov-19
AA008S0JNK 15-Nov-19
AA008ZCW9D 15-Nov-19
AA008QN6N0 15-Nov-19
AA008QPBHE 15-Nov-19
AA008TNKB3 15-Nov-19
AA008OCWWI 16-Nov-19
AA008DIV1W 15-Nov-19
AA008DDJSK 15-Nov-19
AA008OGMNC 15-Nov-19
AA008YYP95 15-Nov-19
AA009095U5 15-Nov-19
AA0090KBG3 15-Nov-19
AA00939C5X 15-Nov-19