Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

If your case number is listed below, then the administrative processing for your visa application is complete.

Please note that it usually takes at least 5 business days before you receive an email notification that you can pick up your passport from the same UMAKS/DHL office, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, excluding Armenian holidays.

Applicants can also designate third parties to drop off and pick up their passports for them providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photo copy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Please contact CSC Visa Information Service directly at if you need further assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENT AND EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA APPLICANTS: We do not accept late arrival letters. If your program start date has already passed, in accordance with U.S. law, you must provide an updated I-20 form, have your SEVIS updated to reflect that you have a current program start date that is in the future, or a SEVIS annotation under the remarks section that late arrival is permitted. If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.

J, F and M visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date. F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Student and exchange visitor (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. If the embassy has not been notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

Family members of principal applicants will not be issued a visa before the principal applicant’s visa is issued. For example: F2, J2, L2 and H4 visas will not be issued until the respective F1, J1, L1 and H1B visas have been issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR IRANIAN H1B VISA APPLICANTS: If your case number is posted on this website, then your visa may be issued once your passport is received. However, you first need to make the reciprocity fee payment at the Embassy in cash in the amount of USD 34 (or equivalent amount in Armenian drams at the Embassy rate) any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. For information on the reciprocity schedule for Iranian nationals, please visit the U.S. Department of State website. For the list of Embassy official holidays, please visit

Additionally, you can designate a third party to make the payment for you providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photocopy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Case Number AP Valid Until
AA00B50JAX 3-Jun-23
AA00BCRNBZ 3-Jun-23
AA00AD57KR 3-Jun-23
AA007OPUZ0 3-Jun-23
AA00BB3QW1 3-Jun-23
AA00B66CWD 3-Jun-23
AA00B66GD3 3-Jun-23
AA00AJ2P7B 3-Jun-23
AA00BBSFU9 4-Jun-23
AA00APYUZV 6-Jun-23
AA00AOGIPF 6-Jun-23
AA00B85L6J 6-Jun-23
AA00AHR4ND 6-Jun-23
AA00APO3U3 6-Jun-23
AA00AFJVIJ 6-Jun-23
AA00AVDBMV 7-Jun-23
AA00B8K9AT 7-Jun-23
AA00B4GU6Z 7-Jun-23
AA00B7GS9B 7-Jun-23
AA00BAL87L 7-Jun-23
AA00BCVBCN 7-Jun-23
AA00AN7RS3 7-Jun-23
AA00BCPERH 7-Jun-23
AA00BCFRSL 7-Jun-23
AA00BFMQJB 7-Jun-23
AA00ALXHVD 11-Jun-23
AA00AXZXN7 11-Jun-23
AA00B4XYEN 11-Jun-23
AA00AMBEV3 14-Jun-23
AA00AICU0N 14-Jun-23
AA00AO9CWL 14-Jun-23
AA00AELDAN 15-Jun-23
AA00AD5W5Z 15-Jun-23
AA00B8SQAL 15-Jun-23
AA00BEVPL3 15-Jun-23
AA00B51KV1 15-Jun-23
AA00BDLH9F 15-Jun-23
AA00BB22W9 15-Jun-23
AA00B4H25T 15-Jun-23
AA00B3O00R 15-Jun-23
AA00B10V7D 15-Jun-23
AA00AF7T6P 15-Jun-23
AA00BD9RKX 15-Jun-23
AA00BDCP1V 15-Jun-23
AA00AD8KG3 18-Jun-23
AA00AY1TI5 18-Jun-23
AA00AO9E03 18-Jun-23
AA00BFECPX 17-Jun-23
AA00BE5GLX 17-Jun-23
AA00B8ZHSB 17-Jun-23
AA00BEUZU1 17-Jun-23
AA00B1MNPP 17-Jun-23
AA00B450PP 17-Jun-23
AA00BC19BB 17-Jun-23
AA00BEV2V3 17-Jun-23
AA00ANLODT 22-Jun-23
AA00AV4BTJ 22-Jun-23
AA00ABBWV3 22-Jun-23
AA00AQJXE3 22-Jun-23
AA00AKLMBP 22-Jun-23
AA00APSIA3 22-Jun-23
AA00AN4U5H 22-Jun-23
AA00AQ9DS5 21-Jun-23
AA00BCC96Z 21-Jun-23
AA00AEWMO7 23-Jun-23
AA00AP6251 25-Jun-23
AA00AOB595 24-Jun-23
AA00APZZWF 25-Jun-23
AA00AWK0N5 25-Jun-23
AA00ATKPC1 24-Jun-23
AA00B060ML 6-Jun-23
AA00AU0OL9 24-Jun-23
AA00ASRUI1 24-Jun-23
AA00AAKG0R 24-Jun-23
AA00AS2FEJ 23-Jun-23
AA00ALY3LN 23-Jun-23
AA00B0OQK3 23-Jun-23
AA00ACPK09 23-Jun-23
AA00BA2ZQL 27-Jun-23
AA00A9GH0N 28-Jun-23
AA00B3CPXV 28-Jun-23
AA00B4QCBZ 28-Jun-23
AA00BF5SNZ 29-Jun-23
AA00BEJ8IT 29-Jun-23
AA00B8VYGD 29-Jun-23
AA00B2XJSF 29-Jun-23
AA00B66GND 29-Jun-23
AA00BFREGN 29-Jun-23
AA00B69G5X 29-Jun-23
AA00ADV7DR 1-Jul-23
AA00ASQM75 1-Jul-23
AA00AEXHET 1-Jul-23
AA00AFESST 1-Jul-23
AA00AL9LUP 1-Jul-23
AA00BGYXEX 4-Jul-23
AA00AD9NQ5 5-Jul-23
AA00AZFRZ1 6-Jul-23
AA00ANKVWH 8-Jul-23
AA00ADA3S9 8-Jul-23
AA00ASXT2V 9-Jul-23
AA00AMCVJN 8-Jul-23
AA00AS6UUD 8-Jul-23
AA00ASM3LX 9-Jul-23
AA00AHVQGT 8-Jul-23
AA00AMYBV7 8-Jul-23
AA00BEWH6B 11-Jul-23
AA00BGW0TL 12-Jul-23
AA00BH46SP 12-Jul-23
AA00ALMOVZ 13-Jul-23
AA00BD0UMR 12-Jul-23
AA00BD0KMH 13-Jul-23
AA00AJMROL 13-Jul-23
AA00BHFN8P 13-Jul-23
AA00AMJHR7 15-Jul-23
AA00BHIQ49 15-Jul-23
AA00BHXZN9 15-Jul-23
AA00BF5WVR 15-Jul-23
AA00AMJEMD 15-Jul-23
AA00AXVUER 15-Jul-23
AA00BEEJO7 15-Jul-23
AA00BHFFVH 15-Jul-23
AA00ADPU39 21-Jul-23
AA00ATAH2B 21-Jul-23
AA00ATHJZZ 21-Jul-23
AA00AIZZQD 21-Jul-23
AA00A0S9PP 21-Jul-23
AA00AS9GZP 21-Jul-23
AA00AN6YGT 21-Jul-23
AA00AXFHNZ 21-Jul-23
AA00ATNH4P 21-Jul-23
AA00AWBGLB 21-Jul-23
AA00B5Z1XP 21-Jul-23
AA00AZHJHX 28-Jul-23
AA00AG3PPD 28-Jul-23
AA00AADOW7 28-Jul-23
AA00BFQFGJ 28-Jul-23
AA00BHV2BX 28-Jul-23
AA00B6BIMF 28-Jul-23
AA00BH6S33 27-Jul-23
AA00BDF5R1 27-Jul-23
AA00BEAQ77 27-Jul-23
AA00BF2SJZ 27-Jul-23
AA00BIDGBX 27-Jul-23
AA00BHDFCV 28-Jul-23
AA00AENG2N 29-Jul-23
AA00ATVCTV 29-Jul-23
AA00B5QTW5 29-Jul-23
AA00AHJMBH 1-Aug-23
AA00AUNSX5 1-Aug-23
AA00BE0MI1 2-Aug-23
AA00BI44PJ 2-Aug-23
AA00AIV243 2-Aug-23
AA00BASBFX 2-Aug-23
AA00BERA1D 4-Aug-23
AA00AEIIJZ 11-Aug-23
AA00ASOMFN 17-Aug-23
AA00B7Z7DD 17-Aug-23
AA00B5IUGH 18-Aug-23
AA00BCJM35 18-Aug-23
AA00B4UJDX 18-Aug-23
AA00A95FGX 18-Aug-23
AA00A9YLO9 18-Aug-23
AA00BF0DL3 20-Aug-23
AA00AOZZLN 21-Aug-23
AA00AN4QFB 21-Aug-23
AA00B1TKHH 23-Aug-23
AA00AU6IH5 23-Aug-23
AA00BQ9I6N 23-Aug-23
AA00AS31ZN 23-Aug-23
AA00AKBKG9 24-Aug-23
AA00ADSA1X 24-Aug-23
AA00AZAVMR 26-Aug-23
AA00AD8P59 29-Aug-23
AA00B06C0P 29-Aug-23
AA00AYK1G3 29-Aug-23
AA00BEQB9V 29-Aug-23
AA00AUJR1Z 30-Aug-23
AA00AKE8VR 31-Aug-23
AA00AMO79T 31-Aug-23
AA00AUJR1Z 30-Aug-23
AA00AUK28X 31-Aug-23
AA00ASD09T 31-Aug-23
AA009VZUMF 1-Sep-23
AA00BHB3V3 1-Sep-23
AA00AHA1WD 6-Sep-23
AA00AHOY63 5-Sep-23
AA00A9QHCX 7-Sep-23
AA00AQ3O61 6-Sep-23
AA00AP5ON7 7-Sep-23
AA00AXWFS7 8-Sep-23
AA009VNTR5 7-Sep-23
AA00AHKGB9 8-Sep-23
AA00ATTB61 9-Sep-23
AA00ALUY5D 9-Sep-23
AA00AUWGL9 9-Sep-23
AA00ATSSCH 9-Sep-23
AA00B5BHXF 9-Sep-23
AA00AMIBJJ 9-Sep-23
AA00ALKT47 14-Sep-23
AA00AE3I39 14-Sep-23
AA00A9WQRV 14-Sep-23
AA00B7VFSP 14-Sep-23
AA00BY4DG3 14-Sep-23
AA00A4OEIP 15-Sep-23
AA00AZK8QB 15-Sep-23
AA00AQE9CH 15-Sep-23
AA00AVQITL 15-Sep-23
AA00ATJW7V 15-Sep-23
AA00AYIABD 15-Sep-23
AA00ASGPOD 15-Sep-23
AA00AUB3XH 15-Sep-23
AA00ASLBZH 15-Sep-23
AA00AOTQ43 15-Sep-23
AA00AZJNOP 15-Sep-23
AA00AXZD4L 15-Sep-23
AA00AL4UW5 15-Sep-23
AA00B5F0X7 15-Sep-23
AA00B4YUZ9 16-Sep-23
AA00AHIA5T 16-Sep-23
AA00B9MS8L 19-Sep-23
AA00AVGMDX 20-Sep-23
AA00AYHZ81 20-Sep-23
AA00B34E49 20-Sep-23
AA00BCG3L3 23-Sep-23
AA00BERSEV 23-Sep-23
AA00B714TR 23-Sep-23
AA00BF7F4R 23-Sep-23
AA00BV1UHF 23-Sep-23
AA00BSWXI5 23-Sep-23
AA00BRZMA5 23-Sep-23
AA00BIR7VD 23-Sep-23
AA00BR4S13 23-Sep-23
AA00BIZTOT 23-Sep-23
AA00B4C95Z 23-Sep-23
AA00BSRD2B 23-Sep-23
AA00BIEI1P 23-Sep-23
AA00B9NIBX 23-Sep-23
AA00BFO0YL 27-Sep-23
AA00B9P85T 27-Sep-23
AA00BIMXGJ 27-Sep-23
AA00BJKKN5 27-Sep-23
AA00B4YFC9 27-Sep-23
AA00BLMDG9 27-Sep-23
AA00B1ONI9 27-Sep-23
AA00BK1KDJ 27-Sep-23
AA00BMRQK3 27-Sep-23
AA00BF14FX 27-Sep-23
AA00BFWEAP 27-Sep-23
AA00B5J3YZ 27-Sep-23
AA00AIUKJ7 27-Sep-23
AA00BHZZGB 27-Sep-23
AA00B5JHOZ 28-Sep-23
AA00ARKCRZ 28-Sep-23
AA00BF5BST 28-Sep-23
AA00BEUV5R 28-Sep-23
AA00BJDUJZ 28-Sep-23
AA00BNMS83 28-Sep-23
AA00BMFBKD 28-Sep-23
AA00BNERDP 28-Sep-23
AA00BFIHMB 28-Sep-23
AA00BL6ARZ 28-Sep-23
AA00B6GZ3B 28-Sep-23
AA00BIL9EZ 28-Sep-23
AA00BIRJSX 28-Sep-23
AA00A8FNU5 28-Sep-23
AA00BLX3OH 28-Sep-23
AA00AYRJ7T 28-Sep-23
AA00BHCIF3 28-Sep-23
AA00B88RL5 29-Sep-23
AA00BM6EW1 29-Sep-23
AA00BHF94F 29-Sep-23
AA00BBNXMT 29-Sep-23
AA00BEVBY7 29-Sep-23
AA00BBWIR9 29-Sep-23
AA00B6NC0L 29-Sep-23
AA00BL85JP 29-Sep-23
AA00BQDU4X 29-Sep-23
AA00BETOXB 29-Sep-23
AA00AP9ZNF 29-Sep-23
AA00B060ML 6-Jun-23
AA00BJ9QC7 29-Sep-23
AA00BJ9S77 29-Sep-23
AA00BIYUKD 29-Sep-23
AA00BJ2OZL 29-Sep-23
AA00BMTHSN 29-Sep-23