Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

IMPORTANT:  If your program start date has already passed, you MUST provide a letter from your university or program sponsor approving your late arrival.  If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.  J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date.  F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Case Number AP Valid until 
AA007V8DDK 27-Apr-19
AA008IKKWW 27-Apr-19
AA0078RX3W 28-Apr-19
AA0084TSF8 28-Apr-19
AA008GGAMC 8-May-19
AA0064ZHVI 22-May-19
AA008IF6BQ 23-May-19
AA0088JYCU 24-May-19
AA008GDZJE 28-May-19
AA007Z19FO 29-May-19
AA008IU6TW 29-May-19
AA0085B6E6 28-May-19
AA008IMRAA 29-May-19
AA007CI8OE 1-Jun-19
AA0080SF5S 5-Jun-19
AA008EI1CG 5-Jun-19
AA0086UHU0 5-Jun-19
AA007PY6FY 6-Jun-19
AA007AJCX4 8-Jun-19
AA00840XOK 13-Jun-19
AA008B4JDS 13-Jun-19
AA008JXLMU 13-Jun-19
AA008L2W5O 13-Jun-19
AA008JI88W 13-Jun-19
AA008K5620 13-Jun-19
AA0073LAPC 13-Jun-19
AA008EBJGG 15-Jun-19
AA008F256A 20-Jun-19
AA008HQ1WG 20-Jun-19
AA008H1QU8 20-Jun-19
AA007YFY30 20-Jun-19
AA008FQXLO 20-Jun-19
AA008IKALC 20-Jun-19
AA008I19QI 20-Jun-19
AA008I5ZB8 20-Jun-19
AA0088MVU2 20-Jun-19
AA008JMTHI 20-Jun-19
AA008FVT1A 20-Jun-19
AA008IA20I 20-Jun-19
AA008KT880 20-Jun-19
AA008DNGZ4 21-Jun-19
AA008CAJ3I 21-Jun-19
AA008BP2WS 21-Jun-19
AA008B8FZQ 21-Jun-19
AA008F4C5G 21-Jun-19
AA008GDVTU 21-Jun-19
AA008DXV8Q 21-Jun-19
AA008FW1PC 21-Jun-19
AA008BX8IU 21-Jun-19
AA008ISII2 21-Jun-19
AA008DUQCY 21-Jun-19
AA007Q0XJI 22-Jun-19
AA006SBF9G 25-Jun-19
AA006KS012 25-Jun-19
AA0072ZPXG 26-Jun-19
AA0082CP5U 26-Jun-19
AA008MIGCK 1-Jul-19
AA008FZN74 5-Jul-19
AA008ME3A2 6-Jul-19
AA008KCCFM 6-Jul-19
AA008M1FE0 6-Jul-19
AA0086C4QI 6-Jul-19
AA008KRJUI 6-Jul-19
AA008LBPMA 6-Jul-19
AA008JTMLS 6-Jul-19
AA008K4YGQ 6-Jul-19
AA008JFSDC 6-Jul-19
AA008J3XBW 6-Jul-19
AA008IHIMO 6-Jul-19
AA008JROIA 7-Jul-19
AA008JKS7O 7-Jul-19
AA008J9DH6 7-Jul-19
AA008I9NOG 7-Jul-19
AA008DY56A 7-Jul-19
AA008IGBWS 7-Jul-19
AA008J9XNW 7-Jul-19
AA007PYW2K 6-Jul-19
AA008K1S82 6-Jul-19
AA008MBN4W 6-Jul-19
AA008EYTA4 6-Jul-19
AA008MFL58 6-Jul-19
AA007Q5ZTA 6-Jul-19
AA008BS1JY 6-Jul-19
AA0086BVNQ 6-Jul-19
AA008BWBEG 6-Jul-19
AA0089RUHS 6-Jul-19
AA008ADZ4U 6-Jul-19
AA008DSBRM 6-Jul-19
AA008B4MHA 6-Jul-19
AA008CHE52 6-Jul-19
AA0088JPE0 6-Jul-19
AA008HAZA4 6-Jul-19
AA008GACSK 6-Jul-19
AA008HWK8I 6-Jul-19
AA008J44GS 6-Jul-19
AA008HHSS0 9-Jul-19
AA007E9UCI 9-Jul-19
AA008MLIXM 9-Jul-19
AA008KILWO 11-Jul-19
AA008MHJ7A 11-Jul-19
AA008KBCAW 11-Jul-19
AA008KAY9Y 11-Jul-19
AA008KWHT4 11-Jul-19
AA008I5H1W 18-Jul-19
AA008OZECQ 19-Jul-19
AA008MFVZ8 19-Jul-19
AA008P53SU 19-Jul-19
AA007U94KA 19-Jul-19
AA008LVP2W 20-Jul-19
AA008PDKX8 20-Jul-19
AA007MUZSA 20-Jul-19
AA008PI3Y8 20-Jul-19
AA008M92OA 20-Jul-19
AA008S0J38 26-Jul-19
AA008P24UE 26-Jul-19
AA008O1S3Q 27-Jul-19
AA008Q6FU2 30-Jul-19
AA008LUV80 30-Jul-19
AA008OMR7I 30-Jul-19
AA007SKE8Y 30-Jul-19
AA008O2DU4 30-Jul-19
AA008CHFZQ 30-Jul-19
AA008O9MVQ 30-Jul-19
AA008PG90M 31-Jul-19
AA008ODLAY 31-Jul-19
AA008Q2DUU 31-Jul-19
AA008M1G8G 31-Jul-19
AA008J7YEA 1-Aug-19
AA007LQD0I 1-Aug-19
AA008MLBVM 1-Aug-19
AA007KXCXQ 2-Aug-19
AA008PQQSG 2-Aug-19
AA008QT2LI 2-Aug-19
AA008PRJ1K 2-Aug-19
AA008ODHD6 3-Aug-19
AA008OGSA4 3-Aug-19
AA008OGV4Y 3-Aug-19
AA0072GQT6 3-Aug-19
AA008JCQZW 6-Aug-19
AA008KSEN4 6-Aug-19
AA008KCLMK 6-Aug-19
AA008Q3FQO 7-Aug-19
AA008B1P2W 8-Aug-19
AA008Q3FQO 7-Aug-19
AA008B1P2W 8-Aug-19
AA008QLXM8 9-Aug-19
AA008PPIA4 9-Aug-19
AA008RJMIY 9-Aug-19
AA008LPWBC 9-Aug-19
AA008R6MLO 9-Aug-19
AA008P2JK0 9-Aug-19
AA008OXB5O 9-Aug-19
AA008PCPNM 9-Aug-19
AA008P814I 9-Aug-19
AA008O250M 9-Aug-19
AA008SD99L 9-Aug-19
AA007X8ZOO 14-Aug-19
AA008P7BWS 15-Aug-19
AA008LE14A 15-Aug-19
AA008PR5JW 15-Aug-19
AA008NC9WQ 15-Aug-19
AA008QTUPQ 15-Aug-19
AA008L7BR8 16-Aug-19
AA008S01K2 16-Aug-19
AA0082A92K 17-Aug-19
AA008JH19I 17-Aug-19