Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

If your case number is listed below, then the administrative processing for your visa application is complete.

Please note that it usually takes at least 5 business days before you receive an email notification that you can pick up your passport from the same UMAKS/DHL office, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, excluding Armenian holidays.

Applicants can also designate third parties to drop off and pick up their passports for them providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photo copy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Please contact CSC Visa Information Service directly at if you need further assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENT AND EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA APPLICANTS: We do not accept late arrival letters. If your program start date has already passed, in accordance with U.S. law, you must provide an updated I-20 form, have your SEVIS updated to reflect that you have a current program start date that is in the future, or a SEVIS annotation under the remarks section that late arrival is permitted. If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.

J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date. F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Student and exchange visitor (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. If the embassy has not been notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

Family members of principal applicants will not be issued a visa before the principal applicant’s visa is issued. For example: F2, J2, L2 and H4 visas will not be issued until the respective F1, J1, L1 and H1B visas have been issued.

Case Number AP Valid Until
AA00AIJH1J 30-Sep-22
AA00AIPAAV 2-Oct-22
AA00AF1EKL 4-Oct-22
AA00A99I95 4-Oct-22
AA00AG3A3R 4-Oct-22
AA00ADC4Y3 4-Oct-22
AA00AJMT89 4-Oct-22
AA00A0A8UR 4-Oct-22
AA00AETRFJ 4-Oct-22
AA00AMS4IL 4-Oct-22
AA00AHSYR9 4-Oct-22
AA00AMGTQD 4-Oct-22
AA00AE2481 4-Oct-22
AA00AJH9ZL 4-Oct-22
AA00AC9RID 4-Oct-22
AA00AEGEYF 4-Oct-22
AA00ALWQX5 4-Oct-22
AA00ADVU5T 4-Oct-22
AA00AEQPXJ 4-Oct-22
AA00AFEYY1 4-Oct-22
AA00AS9NIV 4-Oct-22
AA00ASNOL7 4-Oct-22
AA00AB4VWJ 4-Oct-22
AA00ARKPLZ 4-Oct-22
AA009XD5DT 4-Oct-22
AA00AMU4B9 4-Oct-22
AA00AG9D95 5-Oct-22
AA00ALVHWT 5-Oct-22
AA00AK6R35 5-Oct-22
AA00A7RR51 6-Oct-22
AA00A6VOKF 6-Oct-22
AA00ADI0Q7 6-Oct-22
AA00AERG37 6-Oct-22
AA00AH3KAF 6-Oct-22
AA00AG9DKN 6-Oct-22
AA00APRJZ7 6-Oct-22
AA00AIRJTP 7-Oct-22
AA00AJ9MXX 7-Oct-22
AA00AHRK03 7-Oct-22
AA00ADMAXR 8-Oct-22
AA00AJE2KB 8-Oct-22
AA00AJE4TF 8-Oct-22
AA00AIR52V 8-Oct-22
AA00AGGOPZ 8-Oct-22
AA00AEI0QJ 8-Oct-22
AA009XNQVF 8-Oct-22
AA00A5SKPB 8-Oct-22
AA00ABRD2P 9-Oct-22
AA00A6M95H 9-Oct-22
AA00AI89CD 9-Oct-22
AA00ALGSGD 9-Oct-22
AA00AKPX6L 9-Oct-22
AA00AETQI9 9-Oct-22
AA00ALEBEH 9-Oct-22
AA00AVDU5D 12-Oct-22
AA00ACM0XN 20-Oct-22
AA00ABUABJ 22-Oct-22
AA00AJWQWT 22-Oct-22
AA00ALGC35 22-Oct-22
AA00AJJWP1 22-Oct-22
AA00AM3WJB 25-Oct-22
AA00AAAQ51 26-Oct-22
AA00AIZOOR 26-Oct-22
AA00AKR96H 26-Oct-22
AA00AU0HFT 26-Oct-22
AA00A7AU1Z 27-Oct-22
AA00AF0O43 27-Oct-22
AA00AK8XZV 27-Oct-22
AA00AJ8J8J 27-Oct-22
AA00AMC5QX 27-Oct-22
AA00AK6BIR 27-Oct-22
AA00AH8S1T 27-Oct-22
AA00ACNSL7 27-Oct-22
AA00AEKSD1 27-Oct-22
AA00AD07OJ 27-Oct-22
AA00AD8N35 27-Oct-22
AA00AH6BPB 27-Oct-22
AA00AHM9IP 27-Oct-22
AA00ABI0XT 27-Oct-22
AA00AOTTAL 27-Oct-22
AA00A5SKG5 27-Oct-22
AA00AJ2LXR 27-Oct-22
AA00AIJM4L 27-Oct-22
AA00AEXO9V 27-Oct-22
AA00AEGQ9Z 27-Oct-22
AA00APJF77 27-Oct-22
AA00AKE2WX 27-Oct-22
AA00AM303B 27-Oct-22
AA00AD4ENL 27-Oct-22
AA00AL7K2B 27-Oct-22
AA00AJ8P1H 27-Oct-22
AA00AHZMDH 27-Oct-22
AA00AM25L7 27-Oct-22
AA00AK7Y85 27-Oct-22
AA00AP7GZD 27-Oct-22
AA00AOXAM3 27-Oct-22
AA00A6BOLX 27-Oct-22
AA00AE7U9J 27-Oct-22
AA00A2EJSR 28-Oct-22
AA00ABKWEZ 28-Oct-22
AA00AFO9QH 29-Oct-22
AA00AH7YCB 29-Oct-22
AA00AIHZOZ 29-Oct-22
AA00A2OQQV 29-Oct-22
AA00AM8NFJ 2-Nov-22
AA00APA42P 2-Nov-22
AA00AP1SXD 2-Nov-22
AA00AKU3KR 2-Nov-22
AA00AOXOIX 2-Nov-22
AA00AEWH2B 2-Nov-22
AA00AH458V 2-Nov-22
AA00ABQ4BL 2-Nov-22
AA00A032D9 2-Nov-22
AA00ABEXTF 2-Nov-22
AA00AOEUET 2-Nov-22
AA00A6RIXR 2-Nov-22
AA00AJ1BR5 2-Nov-22
AA00A032D9 2-Nov-22
AA00AIXPTP 3-Nov-22
AA00AKZOWH 3-Nov-22
AA00AKX227 3-Nov-22
AA00AFAYHL 3-Nov-22
AA00AC7DH1 3-Nov-22
AA00AC9S69 3-Nov-22
AA00ACRBE7 3-Nov-22
AA009X9FBF 3-Nov-22
AA00AEC1EF 3-Nov-22
AA00ANX045 5-Nov-22
AA00AHT66Z 5-Nov-22
AA00ADL3OR 5-Nov-22
AA00ALXO7R 5-Nov-22
AA00AARIF9 5-Nov-22
AA00ACX445 5-Nov-22
AA00AJJQL5 5-Nov-22
AA00AKZHUZ 5-Nov-22
AA00AA0B7H 5-Nov-22
AA00AVRBK7 8-Nov-22
AA00AVJNSX 9-Nov-22
AA00AJMVYN 9-Nov-22
AA00AMUM85 9-Nov-22
AA00AS5OK5 9-Nov-22
AA00APKO79 9-Nov-22
AA00AFREJV 10-Nov-22
AA00ACVC7H 10-Nov-22
AA00AGIH67 10-Nov-22
AA00AD6155 10-Nov-22
AA00ARRQFJ 10-Nov-22
AA00AJ9R5X 10-Nov-22
AA00A6XUZ3 10-Nov-22
AA00AKBOAP 10-Nov-22
AA00AI8XR7 10-Nov-22
AA00AM81O1 10-Nov-22
AA00AC42WX 10-Nov-22
AA00AD8VSV 10-Nov-22
AA00ACYYBB 10-Nov-22
AA00AGPL07 10-Nov-22
AA00AN9XUJ 10-Nov-22
AA00AB73XZ 10-Nov-22
AA00AB74HR 10-Nov-22
AA00AMH6SR 10-Nov-22
AA00AGXCU9 10-Nov-22
AA00AMH5PR 10-Nov-22
AA00AIOVVF 10-Nov-22
AA00ANVE25 11-Nov-22
AA00AH3EMZ 11-Nov-22
AA00AD4H57 11-Nov-22
AA00AFYEU3 11-Nov-22
AA00ATSDLX 11-Nov-22
AA00AIVB5B 11-Nov-22
AA00AQHY0F 11-Nov-22
AA00AQHZCP 11-Nov-22
AA009XQE1J 11-Nov-22
AA00AFDKA1 11-Nov-22
AA00AJ94XF 11-Nov-22
AA00AD6T11 11-Nov-22
AA00AC127F 11-Nov-22
AA00AD6Q6D 11-Nov-22
AA00APS88V 11-Nov-22
AA00AHAKJ3 11-Nov-22
AA00AIBCLV 11-Nov-22
AA00AGNTCT 11-Nov-22
AA00AN1WDB 12-Nov-22
AA00AMH1J9 12-Nov-22
AA00AS9ESZ 16-Nov-22
AA00AAP1CZ 16-Nov-22
AA00AD6U7R 16-Nov-22
AA009ZV0MD 16-Nov-22
AA00A5ZY8J 16-Nov-22
AA00AMZ7ID 16-Nov-22
AA00AJ8Z9V 17-Nov-22
AA00AD55MJ 17-Nov-22
AA00AKWXAT 17-Nov-22
AA00AITO8B 17-Nov-22
AA009Y28MT 17-Nov-22
AA00AOJR8H 17-Nov-22
AA00AMAIUX 17-Nov-22
AA00AM983J 17-Nov-22
AA00AD7UC9 17-Nov-22
AA00AGXHDF 17-Nov-22
AA00AJUTBV 17-Nov-22
AA00AMKGZB 17-Nov-22
AA00A7ZK7P 17-Nov-22
AA00AKWABF 17-Nov-22
AA00ARHSTN 17-Nov-22
AA00AAZ31B 17-Nov-22
AA00AQQ1Q5 17-Nov-22
AA00ACL1RL 17-Nov-22
AA00AQRC8H 17-Nov-22
AA00AMZJHX 17-Nov-22
AA00AIVFTV 17-Nov-22
AA00ALFMC1 17-Nov-22
AA00ALB3ZZ 17-Nov-22
AA00AA6VXB 17-Nov-22
AA00AN4LU9 17-Nov-22
AA00AK4A3B 17-Nov-22
AA00AK0T3D 17-Nov-22
AA00AIX9QV 17-Nov-22
AA00AE7C0P 17-Nov-22
AA00ANWHZF 17-Nov-22
AA00AGPMAJ 17-Nov-22
AA00ANT7CB 17-Nov-22
AA00ANT7CB 17-Nov-22
AA00AOHNRT 17-Nov-22
AA00AD7S6L 17-Nov-22
AA00AS3L63 17-Nov-22
AA00AB0QLB 17-Nov-22
AA00AGPGQ7 17-Nov-22
AA00AJJTIV 17-Nov-22
AA00AKMKLV 17-Nov-22
AA00AIF4T5 17-Nov-22
AA00AH3MEH 17-Nov-22
AA00ABET1J 17-Nov-22
AA00AD6WJH 17-Nov-22
AA00AG42I5 17-Nov-22
AA00AUTRG9 17-Nov-22
AA00AU1H8N 17-Nov-22
AA00AD8JS1 17-Nov-22
AA00A6BRAX 18-Nov-22
AA00AQYDLX 18-Nov-22
AA00AG741R 18-Nov-22
AA00AD625R 18-Nov-22
AA00AH6MEF 18-Nov-22
AA00AN5U7X 18-Nov-22
AA00ANRSBR 18-Nov-22
AA00AD5K3V 18-Nov-22
AA00ACGF5B 18-Nov-22
AA00AIX6HL 18-Nov-22
AA00AC7B31 18-Nov-22
AA00AKPGBX 18-Nov-22
AA00AJMV4T 18-Nov-22
AA00AK7WTJ 18-Nov-22
AA00AIR0NH 18-Nov-22
AA00ATT13X 18-Nov-22
AA00AC180P 18-Nov-22
AA00ARRHP5 18-Nov-22
AA00AKPUMR 18-Nov-22
AA00ARG95V 18-Nov-22
AA00AN5LTR 18-Nov-22
AA00AP77OB 18-Nov-22
AA00ABPOHF 18-Nov-22
AA00ADD0DJ 19-Nov-22
AA00A9VPGR 19-Nov-22
AA00AJNZ53 19-Nov-22
AA00AK02CD 19-Nov-22
AA00A70CRT 19-Nov-22
AA00ARYYBR 19-Nov-22
AA00AMIR8B 19-Nov-22
AA00AD4Q4L 19-Nov-22
AA00AIOVIL 19-Nov-22
AA00AL8K45 19-Nov-22
AA00AJWN31 19-Nov-22
AA00AQM5MF 19-Nov-22
AA008ICS8Q 22-Nov-22
AA00ADBMND 22-Nov-22
AA00AOLL4F 22-Nov-22
AA00AMJCVT 22-Nov-22
AA00AJRNE9 22-Nov-22
AA00AOGE9X 22-Nov-22
AA00AN7XGZ 22-Nov-22
AA00AUU047 22-Nov-22
AA00AMUL83 22-Nov-22
AA00AH67LR 22-Nov-22
AA00ARSONF 22-Nov-22
AA00ATTFYD 22-Nov-22
AA00APNUVF 22-Nov-22
AA00AM2ISX 22-Nov-22
AA00AMM5JD 22-Nov-22
AA00AE4NSR 22-Nov-22
AA00AMY8OB 22-Nov-22
AA00AOG9HT 22-Nov-22
AA00AXJ4SP 22-Nov-22
AA00AILPPJ 22-Nov-22
AA00AAOFX9 22-Nov-22
AA009YCLKJ 22-Nov-22
AA00AD6XGP 22-Nov-22
AA00AH93XB 23-Nov-22
AA00ANIPEF 23-Nov-22
AA00AMWLAV 23-Nov-22
AA00AHV703 23-Nov-22
AA00AF7Q8B 23-Nov-22
AA00AFV66Z 23-Nov-22
AA00AHQ2MZ 23-Nov-22
AA00AO134D 23-Nov-22
AA00AER1W3 23-Nov-22
AA00A2YBTD 23-Nov-22
AA00AD7MFR 23-Nov-22
AA00AL2V5L 23-Nov-22
AA00AOPZL9 23-Nov-22
AA009O8L2B 23-Nov-22
AA00B0QAYD 23-Nov-22
AA00ANNAOJ 24-Nov-22
AA00AHTATV 24-Nov-22
AA00ANMBU9 24-Nov-22
AA00ANN29Z 24-Nov-22
AA00A6CXCJ 24-Nov-22
AA00AMMIPT 24-Nov-22
AA00ABAHB7 24-Nov-22
AA00AAWILT 24-Nov-22
AA00AIQV7D 24-Nov-22
AA00AHQCRJ 24-Nov-22
AA00AEN3SL 24-Nov-22
AA00APJ03D 24-Nov-22
AA00AN5ODN 24-Nov-22
AA00APVFUT 24-Nov-22
AA00APE89P 24-Nov-22
AA00APS0T5 24-Nov-22
AA00AGIYRT 24-Nov-22
AA00AJLWJT 24-Nov-22
AA00AJ8RAN 24-Nov-22
AA00AW1YJ5 25-Nov-22
AA00ATB49L 25-Nov-22
AA00AP9RCF 25-Nov-22
AA00AEGLST 25-Nov-22
AA00AD6QGN 25-Nov-22
AA00A1ND8F 25-Nov-22
AA00AEKESB 25-Nov-22
AA00AKQ0UD 25-Nov-22
AA00AHFC49 25-Nov-22
AA00ANM7OR 25-Nov-22
AA00AVNEAB 25-Nov-22
AA00AQCM5D 25-Nov-22
AA00AUJROV 25-Nov-22
AA00AD6Q3N 25-Nov-22
AA00AVI4MR 25-Nov-22
AA00AV61G7 25-Nov-22
AA00ATMYGL 25-Nov-22
AA00AQ3W6N 25-Nov-22
AA00AQ3H9H 25-Nov-22
AA00AD73PP 25-Nov-22
AA00AOL90T 25-Nov-22
AA00ANX8L1 25-Nov-22
AA00ANSMYD 25-Nov-22
AA00AS6NPF 25-Nov-22
AA00AD73UL 25-Nov-22
AA00AAURAD 25-Nov-22
AA00ADC28R 25-Nov-22
AA00ACNHS3 25-Nov-22
AA00AC5DBZ 25-Nov-22
AA00ACUKZH 25-Nov-22
AA00ABW54Z 25-Nov-22
AA00ACJHOT 25-Nov-22
AA00A6D3PH 25-Nov-22
AA00AVM9V7 25-Nov-22
AA00ALUS09 25-Nov-22
AA00AW1CN5 25-Nov-22
AA00B3T2K5 25-Nov-22
AA00APXVHB 25-Nov-22
AA00A2NOA7 26-Nov-22
AA00AB4325 26-Nov-22
AA00AFI4N3 26-Nov-22
AA00AOXSL3 26-Nov-22
AA00AW1PWJ 26-Nov-22
AA00AI8683 26-Nov-22
AA00ALEQ0Z 26-Nov-22
AA00AIRES1 26-Nov-22
AA00ANRZFP 26-Nov-22
AA00ANRZL7 26-Nov-22
AA00AF613N 26-Nov-22
AA00AEVCHP 26-Nov-22
AA00ALN8YD 26-Nov-22
AA00AYSS53 26-Nov-22
AA00AIWWNZ 26-Nov-22
AA00ADI2KB 26-Nov-22
AA00ASC9IZ 26-Nov-22
AA00A7NW4H 27-Nov-22
AA00APXARP 27-Nov-22
AA00AKXQ5L 27-Nov-22
AA00AP979X 27-Nov-22
AA00AH2FIH 27-Nov-22
AA00ADY2GX 27-Nov-22
AA00ADFY87 27-Nov-22
AA00AET62P 27-Nov-22
AA00AIYCEB 27-Nov-22
AA00AV8DV7 27-Nov-22
AA00B0T5C3 29-Nov-22
AA00B0T2OF 29-Nov-22
AA00AZH087 29-Nov-22
AA00ATT725 29-Nov-22
AA00A1S1MR 29-Nov-22
AA00AD7HPZ 29-Nov-22
AA00AIU2Y3 29-Nov-22
AA00AO33KR 29-Nov-22
AA00B091O3 29-Nov-22
AA00AOBQKL 30-Nov-22
AA00AKE9V5 30-Nov-22
AA00AKCFLF 30-Nov-22
AA00AV65VH 30-Nov-22
AA00ANRVO3 30-Nov-22
AA00AWPXVP 30-Nov-22
AA00AAF38V 30-Nov-22
AA009ZM9FH 30-Nov-22
AA00AARCBF 30-Nov-22
AA00ADC2W7 30-Nov-22
AA00AU5BEN 30-Nov-22
AA00AJ7L31 30-Nov-22
AA00AKZ1BD 30-Nov-22
AA00APZB7L 30-Nov-22
AA00ANAFB7 30-Nov-22
AA00AQHNAJ 30-Nov-22
AA00ATN9HX 30-Nov-22
AA00ASWZJV 30-Nov-22
AA00AGT3MN 30-Nov-22
AA00AW4VJ9 30-Nov-22
AA00AL4SG9 30-Nov-22
AA00ABBXBF 30-Nov-22
AA00AXA7IR 30-Nov-22
AA00AKLIL5 30-Nov-22
AA00AQREIX 30-Nov-22
AA00ACDFNZ 30-Nov-22
AA00ALUNVB 30-Nov-22
AA00AL2R6H 30-Nov-22
AA00ANHG5F 30-Nov-22
AA00ALQHMD 30-Nov-22
AA00AIEYU7 30-Nov-22
AA00ATQS45 30-Nov-22
AA00AS4N1V 30-Nov-22
AA00AR8KBR 30-Nov-22
AA00ATTFSR 30-Nov-22
AA00AD7BAT 30-Nov-22
AA00AWP3D1 30-Nov-22
AA00AJTA4V 30-Nov-22
AA00AEBTGR 30-Nov-22
AA00A242SF 30-Nov-22
AA00AMLE1L 30-Nov-22
AA00AWCNGN 30-Nov-22
AA00ALU78X 30-Nov-22
AA00AK0UNJ 30-Nov-22
AA00AXX38R 30-Nov-22
AA00ARZBI5 30-Nov-22
AA00AD75Y1 30-Nov-22
AA00ANVE0H 30-Nov-22
AA00AKDUFN 30-Nov-22
AA00A9YHWV 30-Nov-22
AA00AOUKTD 30-Nov-22
AA00AMN1FH 30-Nov-22
AA00ALZP5N 30-Nov-22
AA00APHFQT 30-Nov-22
AA00AHIOV5 30-Nov-22
AA00AD79GX 30-Nov-22
AA00AT5EV5 30-Nov-22
AA00ANRU2H 30-Nov-22
AA00APT983 30-Nov-22
AA00AN4PKZ 30-Nov-22
AA00AH86V9 30-Nov-22
AA00AXYO2V 30-Nov-22
AA00AD76PR 30-Nov-22
AA00AKEMFP 30-Nov-22
AA00ALCJIV 30-Nov-22
AA00AL1JCX 30-Nov-22
AA00AWD31B 30-Nov-22
AA00AH31JN 30-Nov-22
AA00AUKERD 30-Nov-22
AA00AKYM0T 30-Nov-22
AA00AX3JG5 30-Nov-22
AA00AIY58V 30-Nov-22
AA00ATY8ML 30-Nov-22
AA00AI6HNX 30-Nov-22
AA00ATSZKB 30-Nov-22
AA00A8BXEN 30-Nov-22
AA00A5TA83 30-Nov-22
AA00AM2EAB 30-Nov-22
AA00ABUEF3 30-Nov-22
AA00ABUJSN 30-Nov-22
AA00AHQCY5 30-Nov-22
AA00AHTM8B 30-Nov-22
AA00AI2H1N 30-Nov-22
AA00APQ1LT 30-Nov-22
AA00AK8Q5D 30-Nov-22
AA00ADC2OF 30-Nov-22
AA00AQD91J 30-Nov-22
AA00AP53MZ 30-Nov-22
AA00AC5D29 30-Nov-22
AA00ACXNZ1 30-Nov-22
AA00AKE2QZ 30-Nov-22
AA00AV98Z9 30-Nov-22
AA00AHRK0R 30-Nov-22
AA00ANDECD 30-Nov-22
AA00ACX7E5 30-Nov-22
AA00AN096D 30-Nov-22
AA00AIGC7B 30-Nov-22
AA00ATB8A3 30-Nov-22
AA00ABIQMJ 30-Nov-22
AA00AJ91S3 30-Nov-22
AA00AS1SVX 30-Nov-22
AA00AK1DHR 30-Nov-22
AA00AS5YIP 30-Nov-22
AA00APJ2TJ 30-Nov-22
AA00AOJG1L 30-Nov-22
AA00AOV6QL 30-Nov-22
AA00AVAW4V 30-Nov-22
AA00AO0TBN 30-Nov-22
AA00ALMRI3 30-Nov-22
AA00ANBYXJ 30-Nov-22
AA00ALMDBV 30-Nov-22
AA00AADV8T 30-Nov-22
AA00ALFG33 1-Dec-22
AA00AEYAED 1-Dec-22
AA00AFFV0D 1-Dec-22
AA00AX7C6H 1-Dec-22
AA00APZ1OP 1-Dec-22
AA00ATPI85 1-Dec-22
AA00AD9387 1-Dec-22
AA00A8MBNB 1-Dec-22
AA00AT0QQ3 1-Dec-22
AA00AQEFHJ 1-Dec-22
AA00ASSE3P 1-Dec-22
AA00AM54I5 1-Dec-22
AA009ZHCAF 1-Dec-22
AA00AN6TQP 1-Dec-22
AA00AKDYCX 1-Dec-22
AA00AT1PJP 1-Dec-22
AA00AV93JJ 1-Dec-22
AA00AILZAL 1-Dec-22
AA00AJH7TN 1-Dec-22
AA00AI8RPL 1-Dec-22
AA00ASC82Z 1-Dec-22
AA00ATFFWH 1-Dec-22
AA00B2BD9N 1-Dec-22
AA00A9QVPT 1-Dec-22
AA00ALEMSB 1-Dec-22
AA00AP78PX 1-Dec-22
AA00AKA7N3 1-Dec-22
AA00AT5JEJ 1-Dec-22
AA00AM8H0X 1-Dec-22
AA00AIXMYJ 1-Dec-22
AA00AG1K33 1-Dec-22
AA00AHIKUH 1-Dec-22
AA00ALZZX3 1-Dec-22
AA00ANRU4R 1-Dec-22
AA00AMVKC1 1-Dec-22
AA00AEBFL1 1-Dec-22
AA00AH1XB7 1-Dec-22
AA00AKFISB 1-Dec-22
AA00AKE2WH 1-Dec-22
AA00AKEDK1 1-Dec-22
AA00AG16LP 1-Dec-22
AA00AD7SIN 1-Dec-22
AA00ASODKP 1-Dec-22
AA00AF0OVZ 1-Dec-22
AA009XFY3J 1-Dec-22
AA00AERXJ9 2-Dec-22
AA00AFNU27 2-Dec-22
AA00ADQG5H 2-Dec-22
AA00ALGW7D 2-Dec-22
AA00AD72ZD 2-Dec-22
AA00AD7SRV 2-Dec-22
AA00AJPSHT 2-Dec-22
AA00AD7JA5 2-Dec-22
AA00ASCBAJ 2-Dec-22
AA00AFUZAT 2-Dec-22
AA00AJL2PT 2-Dec-22
AA00ADCPKF 2-Dec-22
AA00ALKX6R 2-Dec-22
AA00A37LDV 2-Dec-22
AA00AMRIXT 3-Dec-22
AA00ASA4EJ 3-Dec-22
AA00AF7XMH 3-Dec-22
AA00ASLIXF 3-Dec-22
AA00B0T8WJ 3-Dec-22
AA00ASCAG1 3-Dec-22
AA00AZL6RD 3-Dec-22
AA00A3N9HN 3-Dec-22
AA00A7RHEF 3-Dec-22
AA00AT7SEH 3-Dec-22
AA00ASCNP7 3-Dec-22
AA00ATYO9V 3-Dec-22
AA00AN1XNH 6-Dec-22
AA00ASAY9F 6-Dec-22
AA00AXYPP3 6-Dec-22
AA00ABOW6X 6-Dec-22
AA00AMCW7L 6-Dec-22
AA00AS16D5 6-Dec-22
AA00APK9TF 6-Dec-22
AA00ASBL7H 6-Dec-22
AA00A97AXJ 6-Dec-22
AA00AATSI5 6-Dec-22
AA00A9GGTF 6-Dec-22
AA00AOGYUZ 6-Dec-22
AA00ALOLXB 6-Dec-22
AA00A3OR5J 6-Dec-22
AA00AU2BFF 6-Dec-22
AA00AOGE6P 6-Dec-22
AA00ATV06F 6-Dec-22
AA00AZK6FZ 6-Dec-22
AA00AAUO3P 7-Dec-22
AA00AJOAF3 7-Dec-22
AA00AFE4B5 7-Dec-22
AA00ALGU7F 7-Dec-22
AA00AOIOKV 9-Dec-22
AA00AOGFO3 9-Dec-22
AA00AO86UZ 9-Dec-22
AA00AMRML1 9-Dec-22
AA00A9GZID 13-Dec-22
AA00A7AV5V 13-Dec-22
AA00ACNXG3 13-Dec-22
AA00A7DKV3 13-Dec-22
AA00A8VMDF 13-Dec-22
AA00A7WEFH 13-Dec-22
AA00ADGINP 13-Dec-22
AA00A7WEFH 14-Dec-22
AA00AOD6FH 15-Dec-22
AA00AQ34IT 15-Dec-22
AA00AOQD5F 20-Dec-22
AA00ATSB8D 21-Dec-22
AA00ANV769 21-Dec-22
AA00A0YA5R 21-Dec-22
AA00AOIOPD 21-Dec-22
AA00ANYVGL 21-Dec-22
AA00ALAIUZ 21-Dec-22
AA00ARNQPD 21-Dec-22
AA00AU2ZCN 21-Dec-22
AA00ANDUBD 21-Dec-22
AA00908A5V 21-Dec-22
AA00ADHTBF 21-Dec-22
AA00ATLSBH 22-Dec-22
AA00AMMV01 22-Dec-22
AA00ATAV4J 22-Dec-22
AA00AYNJUD 22-Dec-22
AA00ATXGOR 22-Dec-22
AA00AQPD0R 22-Dec-22
AA00ATPEWL 22-Dec-22
AA00AUHFE3 22-Dec-22
AA00AK6ZAX 22-Dec-22
AA00AOQD5F 22-Dec-22
AA00ASALZD 22-Dec-22
AA00ALF401 22-Dec-22
AA00APLZ47 22-Dec-22
AA00AZVJRX 22-Dec-22
AA00AM8U6R 22-Dec-22
AA00AJMF9L 22-Dec-22
AA00ATQRXV 22-Dec-22
AA00APT2DV 22-Dec-22
AA00ANQ2NX 22-Dec-22
AA00AD9XQF 22-Dec-22
AA00ATPO2D 22-Dec-22
AA00B0AZXN 22-Dec-22
AA00ASFPKP 22-Dec-22
AA00AKAP0V 22-Dec-22
AA00AMT5DX 22-Dec-22
AA00AZH4R3 22-Dec-22
AA00ADBD59 22-Dec-22
AA00ADBVBF 22-Dec-22
AA00AQ0ELD 22-Dec-22
AA00AXZ20X 22-Dec-22
AA00AN4ZHZ 22-Dec-22
AA00ARNB1J 22-Dec-22
AA00AK6X7V 22-Dec-22
AA00ACM8FN 22-Dec-22
AA00B02BZR 22-Dec-22
AA00AU578V 22-Dec-22
AA00AFFYIT 22-Dec-22
AA00AU18HN 22-Dec-22
AA00AL35YV 22-Dec-22
AA00AP5Z0R 22-Dec-22
AA00AMIOWF 22-Dec-22
AA00ARI8P1 22-Dec-22
AA00AP5O2L 22-Dec-22
AA00AIETEJ 22-Dec-22
AA00AODZRB 22-Dec-22
AA00ADD9P7 22-Dec-22
AA00ALCGBN 22-Dec-22
AA00ATAKIL 22-Dec-22
AA00ASDKAB 22-Dec-22
AA00B1BDR9 22-Dec-22
AA00AS2TW9 22-Dec-22
AA00ASLXCR 22-Dec-22
AA00AUASNH 22-Dec-22
AA00AFV4Z7 22-Dec-22
AA00B2SEBR 22-Dec-22
AA00ASLAED 22-Dec-22
AA00ADAFXP 22-Dec-22
AA00AKULBB 22-Dec-22
AA00ADBZZZ 22-Dec-22
AA00AI566Z 22-Dec-22
AA00ATNI7N 22-Dec-22
AA00AS9BV9 23-Dec-22
AA00APWMPT 23-Dec-22
AA00ATAHTZ 23-Dec-22
AA00AJH453 23-Dec-22
AA00B092BT 23-Dec-22
AA00AIY4N3 23-Dec-22
AA00AS9BV9 23-Dec-22
AA00AS2YQZ 23-Dec-22
AA00ADBZUL 23-Dec-22
AA00ALERXN 23-Dec-22
AA00AU6ISH 23-Dec-22
AA00APXN5R 23-Dec-22
AA00AY6JWX 23-Dec-22
AA00AEX8YF 23-Dec-22
AA00ATVBI7 23-Dec-22
AA00B06HUV 23-Dec-22
AA00AAQ3WT 24-Dec-22
AA00B0KTL1 24-Dec-22
AA009XQN3V 27-Dec-22
AA00A0DXON 27-Dec-22
AA00A8OT0X 27-Dec-22
AA00AB8N2J 27-Dec-22
AA00ABRDMF 27-Dec-22
AA00ADF883 27-Dec-22
AA00AIEJI7 27-Dec-22
AA00AKIN1J 27-Dec-22
AA00AMVCR5 27-Dec-22
AA00AN619H 27-Dec-22
AA00AO18E9 27-Dec-22
AA00ARCTI3 27-Dec-22
AA00ASFJJR 27-Dec-22
AA00ATUJWN 27-Dec-22
AA00AU0GWL 27-Dec-22
AA00ADXKQ9 28-Dec-22
AA00AFPI8V 28-Dec-22
AA00AGMHXX 28-Dec-22
AA00AOE8HH 28-Dec-22
AA00AUFH19 22-Dec-22
AA00AKJ2VH 29-Dec-22
AA00AQ9FNZ 29-Dec-22
AA00AGBBPR 29-Dec-22
AA00B0DMIN 31-Dec-22
AA00ABFA6J 31-Dec-22
AA00B1WCPR 31-Dec-22
AA00AUUZEJ 31-Dec-22
AA00A8PL85 31-Dec-22
AA00ALXCQL 31-Dec-22
AA00ASDF03 10-Jan-23
AA00A0SSCD 11-Jan-23
AA00B0BIF9 11-Jan-23
AA00A62J0X 11-Jan-23
AA00AZSWUN 12-Jan-23
AA00ASCOJT 12-Jan-23
AA00ALRH19 12-Jan-23
AA00ASC0YZ 12-Jan-23
AA00AMM6CH 12-Jan-23
AA009NN8TP 15-Jan-23
AA00AYH8VH 15-Jan-23
AA00ALOAD7 19-Jan-23
AA00B3H3NH 19-Jan-23
AA00AGZV4T 19-Jan-23
AA00ATOTSV 19-Jan-23
AA00ATOXN7 19-Jan-23
AA00A1S7XR 19-Jan-23
AA00B2SGUT 19-Jan-23
AA00AX4XMD 19-Jan-23
AA00B3DS1R 19-Jan-23
AA00B6PNDZ 20-Jan-23
AA00AUEJTF 21-Jan-23
AA008SWTCF 26-Jan-23
AA008W7BND 26-Jan-23
AA008US9PJ 26-Jan-23
AA008VC83L 26-Jan-23
AA008S5PZ1 26-Jan-23
AA008VWBXR 26-Jan-23
AA00A89N2B 26-Jan-23
AA00ABMGVF 26-Jan-23
AA00AKJG7H 26-Jan-23
AA00B66G29 27-Jan-23