Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

If your case number is listed below, then the administrative processing for your visa application is complete.

Please note that it usually takes at least 5 business days before you receive an email notification that you can pick up your passport from the same UMAKS/DHL office, Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, excluding Armenian holidays.

Applicants can also designate third parties to drop off and pick up their passports for them providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photo copy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Please contact CSC Visa Information Service directly at if you need further assistance.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDENT AND EXCHANGE VISITOR VISA APPLICANTS: We do not accept late arrival letters. If your program start date has already passed, in accordance with U.S. law, you must provide an updated I-20 form, have your SEVIS updated to reflect that you have a current program start date that is in the future, or a SEVIS annotation under the remarks section that late arrival is permitted. If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.

J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date. F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Student and exchange visitor (F and J visa) applicants should notify us of any changes to their program start date, school, field of study, or SEVIS number before returning their passport to us for issuance. If the embassy has not been notified of this information, student visas may be printed with errors. Misprinted student visas will not be reprinted.

Family members of principal applicants will not be issued a visa before the principal applicant’s visa is issued. For example: F2, J2, L2 and H4 visas will not be issued until the respective F1, J1, L1 and H1B visas have been issued.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR IRANIAN H1B VISA APPLICANTS: If your case number is posted on this website, then your visa may be issued once your passport is received. However, you first need to make the reciprocity fee payment at the Embassy in cash in the amount of USD 34 (or equivalent amount in Armenian drams at the Embassy rate) any Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 10:00 to 12:00. For information on the reciprocity schedule for Iranian nationals, please visit the U.S. Department of State website. For the list of Embassy official holidays, please visit

Additionally, you can designate a third party to make the payment for you providing a letter of authorization signed by the applicant that contains the third party’s full legal name and a photocopy of the applicant’s identification (passport or national ID card).

Case Number AP Valid Until
AA00B919FH 3-Feb-23
AA00AAHR1Z 3-Feb-23
AA00AI2IRL 3-Feb-23
AA00A7CNRP 8-Feb-23
AA00B4S6Y5 8-Feb-23
AA00AO1K8J 9-Feb-23
AA00AQEW1J 9-Feb-23
AA00AN2RO7 9-Feb-23
AA00AM94PT 9-Feb-23
AA00AD7WOL 9-Feb-23
AA00B2D8YF 9-Feb-23
AA00AQUDVT 9-Feb-23
AA00A614OV 9-Feb-23
AA00A6187N 9-Feb-23
AA00A9YE97 9-Feb-23
AA00AAG9I9 10-Feb-23
AA00ABPT1J 10-Feb-23
AA008WDV1X 10-Feb-23
AA00AU4F8R 10-Feb-23
AA009X74WB 10-Feb-23
AA00AAG9I9 10-Feb-23
AA00AI2YMF 10-Feb-23
AA00AE9GLF 10-Feb-23
AA00A8VJNZ 10-Feb-23
AA00ABPT1J 10-Feb-23
AA00AFVJ2B 10-Feb-23
AA00ACISKN 10-Feb-23
AA00A0CEGL 10-Feb-23
AA00A4QDVJ 10-Feb-23
AA00A89NH9 10-Feb-23
AA00A76FVN 10-Feb-23
AA00ACNPCD 10-Feb-23
AA00AJ5AJF 10-Feb-23
AA00AS1V4R 10-Feb-23
AA009TNNRP 10-Feb-23
AA00AS41F3 10-Feb-23
AA00B44UQ1 10-Feb-23
AA00B8RZ01 11-Feb-23
AA00A00TUV 11-Feb-23
AA00ADNPNF 11-Feb-23
AA00AC4M03 11-Feb-23
AA00APKPZ3 11-Feb-23
AA00AD6TBP 11-Feb-23
AA00AKPLX9 11-Feb-23
AA00AD6YXN 11-Feb-23
AA00B5TM5Z 11-Feb-23
AA00B1OPG7 11-Feb-23
AA00ARW305 10-Feb-23
AA00AAY3FV 15-Feb-23
AA00A8O7X5 15-Feb-23
AA00AER1OH 15-Feb-23
AA00A9Z1V5 14-Feb-23
AA00AATXFH 14-Feb-23
AA00ARSNAV 14-Feb-23
AA008XHC33 15-Feb-23
AA00AA37QV 15-Feb-23
AA00AHDQLX 14-Feb-23
AA00A8DBRH 16-Feb-23
AA00A13O4B 16-Feb-23
AA00AA259R 16-Feb-23
AA00AHOVF1 16-Feb-23
AA00AH2V8J 16-Feb-23
AA00A7TAEF 16-Feb-23
AA00A7X2EZ 16-Feb-23
AA00AD3RUD 16-Feb-23
AA00A1RU7L 16-Feb-23
AA00AIBUD9 16-Feb-23
AA00APKQSV 16-Feb-23
AA00B3RM6J 16-Feb-23
AA00B44DH1 16-Feb-23
AA00AMACRT 16-Feb-23
AA00AV9BA9 16-Feb-23
AA00B0B6KP 16-Feb-23
AA00ASTUD3 16-Feb-23
AA00B4GS8P 16-Feb-23
AA00B4QOU5 16-Feb-23
AA00B8RKW3 16-Feb-23
AA00A745H3 17-Feb-23
AA00A30J93 17-Feb-23
AA00AEG5ZH 17-Feb-23
AA009WXQUP 17-Feb-23
AA00ABLB45 17-Feb-23
AA00AINPQL 17-Feb-23
AA00A00NY3 17-Feb-23
AA00AD5F31 18-Feb-23
AA00AMQ8U7 18-Feb-23
AA00AJLSKH 18-Feb-23
AA00AHBV83 18-Feb-23
AA00ACXUP1 18-Feb-23
AA00AQBPGN 18-Feb-23
AA00AJT4YF 18-Feb-23
AA00AIRYWF 18-Feb-23
AA00AMKBEX 18-Feb-23
AA00ANKXWR 18-Feb-23
AA00AD75VZ 18-Feb-23
AA00AYTRMB 18-Feb-23
AA00AVMPSX 18-Feb-23
AA00AVMLCF 18-Feb-23
AA00B7SM0D 18-Feb-23
AA00A3ZWX1 21-Feb-23
AA00AZCI5D 21-Feb-23
AA00AHHOS7 21-Feb-23
AA00APA2VT 21-Feb-23
AA00AXNRM3 21-Feb-23
AA009WWH11 21-Feb-23
AA00AQXGNL 21-Feb-23
AA00ALOA1Z 24-Feb-23
AA009X0ZVV 24-Feb-23
AA00AT55ZJ 24-Feb-23
AA00AUNQA5 24-Feb-23
AA00AUM23V 24-Feb-23
AA009VWX2T 24-Feb-23
AA00AUPAFT 24-Feb-23
AA00AUP3MR 24-Feb-23
AA00AK5ZQ7 24-Feb-23
AA00AZKDBF 24-Feb-23
AA00B460VZ 24-Feb-23
AA00AP7VH3 24-Feb-23
AA00AUAQMB 24-Feb-23
AA00B48JLZ 24-Feb-23
AA00B5CC8T 24-Feb-23
AA00ASQ9FD 24-Feb-23
AA00ABOA35 24-Feb-23
AA00B22RGH 24-Feb-23
AA00ARRCV5 24-Feb-23
AA00A59U1X 16-Feb-23
AA00A59TIP 24-Feb-23
AA00A8FTSV 28-Feb-23
AA00AHC1Z1 25-Feb-23
AA00AJLYJL 24-Feb-23
AA00AFRDFR 24-Feb-23
AA00A8Z6K7 25-Feb-23
AA00AH6MAH 25-Feb-23
AA00ALZFBD 26-Feb-23
AA00AO3M3F 26-Feb-23
AA00AO4389 28-Feb-23
AA00APZ11B 25-Feb-23
AA00APZ3HR 25-Feb-23
AA00AHABCH 25-Feb-23
AA00B6A2JL 1-Mar-23
AA00ASWBKD 1-Mar-23
AA00ALHMHV 2-Mar-23
AA00APJTQ3 3-Mar-23
AA009WYD5L 28-Feb-23
AA00AKE3CD 28-Feb-23
AA00AD51I3 1-Mar-23
AA00AUKZSV 1-Mar-23
AA00AG89LL 1-Mar-23
AA00ANN9ZJ 2-Mar-23
AA00ALSQVD 2-Mar-23
AA00AKXJ35 3-Mar-23
AA00AH7515 4-Mar-23
AA00AFS1MN 7-Mar-23
AA00AHJ5BR 7-Mar-23
AA00AN9O71 7-Mar-23
AA00AODJ25 8-Mar-23
AA00B0BFTV 8-Mar-23
AA00A3R0L7 9-Mar-23
AA00B54YID 8-Mar-23
AA00B87ITB 8-Mar-23
AA00B87IT9 8-Mar-23
AA00B7FM53 8-Mar-23
AA00B2JI81 8-Mar-23
AA00ATJ08T 8-Mar-23
AA00ATY75L 8-Mar-23
AA00AVD6W1 8-Mar-23
AA00ATIZBB 8-Mar-23
AA00AV9EQP 8-Mar-23
AA00B8E6WZ 8-Mar-23
AA00B53VT7 8-Mar-23
AA00B8EX4J 8-Mar-23
AA00AKOH11 10-Mar-23
AA00AMJ42H 10-Mar-23
AA00AGJHVZ 10-Mar-23
AA00AFLSQL 10-Mar-23
AA00B0TCF3 10-Mar-23
AA009X8KOV 11-Mar-23
AA009WUBWZ 11-Mar-23
AA00AGUOW3 14-Mar-23
AA00AI2Y1R 14-Mar-23
AA009Z4P3L 15-Mar-23
AA00AC2GEL 15-Mar-23
AA009HPP2B 16-Mar-23
AA00AVDB77 16-Mar-23
AA00B8FKFZ 16-Mar-23
AA00B78DIH 16-Mar-23
AA00B7SHA7 16-Mar-23
AA00B8DKKZ 16-Mar-23
AA00APPIZ7 16-Mar-23
AA00AH9ZUF 17-Mar-23
AA00AEVEJD 17-Mar-23
AA00AEOO4Z 17-Mar-23
AA00AH4SD3 17-Mar-23
AA00AT875J 17-Mar-23
AA00AT8OQT 17-Mar-23
AA00A8IS2D 17-Mar-23
AA00AD6W37 17-Mar-23
AA00AD6WZ7 27-Dec-22
AA009EXXSF 19-Mar-23
AA00AC0N37 18-Mar-23
AA00AH5GIN 18-Mar-23
AA009XR6GF 18-Mar-23
AA00APTG1P 21-Mar-23
AA009HX7TT 21-Mar-23
AA00B7XEWJ 21-Mar-23
AA00AM5Z7F 21-Mar-23
AA00B8GF01 21-Mar-23
AA00B8C6S9 21-Mar-23
AA00ALPB87 21-Mar-23
AA00AU0A5B 21-Mar-23
AA00B7ZP2B 21-Mar-23
AA00B8ZH7B 21-Mar-23
AA00B78B6B 21-Mar-23
AA00ASRLFN 21-Mar-23
AA00AQJ64Z 21-Mar-23
AA00B75XOP 22-Mar-23
AA00B8WBVB 22-Mar-23
AA00B8GVPZ 22-Mar-23
AA00AT00XB 22-Mar-23
AA00ARSHQV 23-Mar-23
AA00AEZH81 23-Mar-23
AA00B5OU0B 23-Mar-23
AA00AXSG6D 25-Mar-23
AA009X0DMT 28-Mar-23
AA00ABOVVR 28-Mar-23
AA00AGDV4P 28-Mar-23
AA00ATGYER 28-Mar-23
AA00AMD607 29-Mar-23
AA00A2PJ21 31-Mar-23
AA00AIND4X 31-Mar-23
AA00AC3HKT 29-Mar-23
AA00AD1YS7 29-Mar-23
AA00AMA7J1 30-Mar-23
AA00AP594L 30-Mar-23
AA00AP1871 30-Mar-23
AA00AJE5KZ 30-Mar-23
AA00AHRCAB 31-Mar-23
AA00B8EQSJ 30-Mar-23
AA00B9DRWH 30-Mar-23
AA00BAHNQ3 31-Mar-23
AA00AUK4OF 31-Mar-23
AA00BAIM1F 30-Mar-23
AA00B9PH57 30-Mar-23
AA00B8WJET 31-Mar-23
AA00BA1VDL 30-Mar-23
AA00B95S7V 30-Mar-23
AA00B9VMK5 31-Mar-23
AA00AHVI7T 30-Mar-23
AA00AOFTJR 30-Mar-23
AA00AMSZS1 30-Mar-23
AA00B9VKMX 29-Mar-23
AA00BBNELT 31-Mar-23
AA00AJFPCT 1-Apr-23
AA00BAF2C5 1-Apr-23
AA009WZSBB 1-Apr-23
AA00A97PMH 1-Apr-23
AA00A8QJLZ 1-Apr-23
AA00A8QJW9 11-Feb-23
AA00BAASEH 2-Apr-23
AA00BA69L5 2-Apr-23
AA00AF837F 1-Apr-23
AA00AOXBE9 4-Apr-23
AA00ANRWQP 4-Apr-23
AA00AC1VJH 5-Apr-23
AA00AOVFON 5-Apr-23
AA00ANTXFZ 5-Apr-23
AA007Y3MR4 5-Apr-23
AA00BBIZT5 5-Apr-23
AA00AIO2CH 6-Apr-23
AA00ADTG3L 6-Apr-23
AA00ARGIIJ 6-Apr-23
AA00B4Y9Y9 6-Apr-23
AA00AIOAFZ 11-Apr-23
AA00AK72CV 11-Apr-23
AA00ARGWGF 11-Apr-23
AA00AD6UV9 11-Apr-23
AA009JPLSB 12-Apr-23
AA00ACX9OV 12-Apr-23
AA00AOE949 12-Apr-23
AA00AGS00D 12-Apr-23
AA00ANP9EZ 12-Apr-23
AA00ASKVLP 13-Apr-23
AA00AETBBB 13-Apr-23
AA00AS5R5P 13-Apr-23
AA00ANY9QT 13-Apr-23
AA00AOJYZD 14-Apr-23
AA00AHTFER 14-Apr-23
AA00AHPL4T 14-Apr-23
AA00AXXT4N 15-Apr-23
AA00AG6KF7 15-Apr-23
AA00AHS475 15-Apr-23
AA00ASZG5L 19-Apr-23
AA00AS5C0V 19-Apr-23
AA00ALVO0T 20-Apr-23
AA00AVL8T9 20-Apr-23
AA009BPKE1 21-Apr-23
AA00ALAZLP 21-Apr-23
AA00ACI79F 21-Apr-23
AA00A95T8P 21-Apr-23
AA00AQ23LR 22-Apr-23
AA00AS9UHB 22-Apr-23
AA00AP54NL 26-Apr-23
AA00AHCO8N 26-Apr-23
AA00ALUMQZ 27-Apr-23
AA00AP7Z8T 27-Apr-23
AA00ADTXJX 27-Apr-23
AA00ANHDWH 27-Apr-23
AA00BAL63T 28-Apr-23
AA00AQF7UX 28-Apr-23
AA00ALJC17 28-Apr-23
AA00BA3CHP 28-Apr-23
AA00AWG4M1 28-Apr-23
AA00BAWQ0P 28-Apr-23
AA00A76CC7 3-May-23
AA00A76CMF 3-May-23
AA00AXYMWV 4-May-23
AA00B9A6PL 4-May-23
AA00ACP16H 4-May-23
AA00AG5MQF 4-May-23
AA00BBMLIV 4-May-23
AA00AJMY6V 4-May-23
AA00AZ2YIB 4-May-23
AA00BAYA15 4-May-23
AA00AWV1KJ 4-May-23
AA00AK97SP 4-May-23
AA00BBYBXF 4-May-23
AA00A8OSL9 4-May-23
AA00B4RV6J 4-May-23
AA00AWNFPV 4-May-23
AA00AYQXRT 4-May-23
AA00AHRH0L 5-May-23
AA00AB1YVH 9-May-23
AA00A5W92D 9-May-23
AA00B49E2N 9-May-23
AA00B0KNNL 10-May-23
AA00AP1LRX 3-May-23
AA00BB5N2D 9-May-23
AA008KAU1E 10-May-23
AA00AWMD3D 10-May-23
AA00AX60W1 10-May-23
AA00BCJQDR 10-May-23
AA00ASGC9H 10-May-23
AA00ASLAYJ 10-May-23
AA00BBYMAV 10-May-23
AA00BAX09X 10-May-23
AA00AYHRA7 10-May-23
AA00B8VH5F 10-May-23
AA00B8VLWZ 1-Apr-23
AA00BD45U9 10-May-23
AA00BCRO57 10-May-23
AA00AGOY2H 10-May-23
AA00BD99OL 10-May-23
AA00B2DJ53 10-May-23
AA00B1F2KP 10-May-23
AA00B12W7H 10-May-23
AA00B50FBV 10-May-23
AA00B9TIOP 10-May-23
AA00B08VAN 10-May-23
AA00B8VI5B 10-May-23
AA00BBAY33 10-May-23
AA00B0KNNL 10-May-23
AA00AEWJWV 05-May-23
AA00BBVAUB 11-May-23
AA009XICUV 12-May-23
AA00BE4AHZ 12-May-23
AA00BDM685 12-May-23
AA00AUZXTT 12-May-23
AA00AHU87V 12-May-23
AA00BEG6VN 12-May-23
AA00AMCKTR 13-May-23
AA00AU24L5 13-May-23
AA00APQAV9 14-May-23
AA00ADSWSV 14-May-23
AA00AEYJHR 12-May-23
AA00AEYO45 17-May-23
AA00AQCJ67 17-May-23
AA00B5ZTU1 17-May-23
AA00AGC0ZT 19-May-23
AA00BE5CC1 19-May-23
AA00BDCJTP 19-May-23
AA00AMBWNN 19-May-23
AA00AT5UWV 19-May-23
AA00BBTXK3 19-May-23
AA00AJW9XB 19-May-23
AA009KOI5L 8-Apr-2023
AA00AH526V 8-Apr-2023
AA00ATZEOB 8-Apr-2023
AA00BAN0C3 8-Apr-2023
AA00BB70HN 8-Apr-2023
AA00B83DPB 8-Apr-2023
AA00B7WZSJ 8-Apr-2023
AA00ALJ7TR 8-Apr-2023
AA00BBIM4H 8-Apr-2023
AA00AIWQDT 20-May-23
AA00AOZMS1 25-May-23
AA00AEQYGZ 26-May-23
AA00ATPU8N 31-May-23
AA00APJG43 31-May-23
AA00AVN2FX 31-May-23
AA00AOXADP 31-May-23
AA00AU24QR 31-May-23
AA00ATH89T 31-May-23
AA00B80R3J 31-May-23
AA00AK65PH 31-May-23
AA00AMC2BT 31-May-23
AA00AJT0HH 31-May-23
AA00B8GRCT 1-Jun-23
AA00B8HLJ9 1-Jun-23
AA008TAWPV 1-Jun-23