Non-Immigrant Visa Application Numbers

IMPORTANT:  If your program start date has already passed, you MUST provide a letter from your university or program sponsor approving your late arrival.  If you defer to a later program start date, please inform the Embassy.  J visas may be issued at any time prior to a program start date, but F visas may not be issued more than 120 days prior to a program start date.  F and J visas are valid for U.S. entry no earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date.

Case Number AP Valid until 
AA0085TUZ2 21-Jan-19
AA0086C4QI 21-Jan-19
AA007E9UCI 21-Jan-19
AA007DGLN6 25-Jan-19
AA007FURZ0 28-Jan-19
AA0079UG54 28-Jan-19
AA00861CGM 3-Feb-19
AA00875P96 6-Feb-19
AA0087UWHO 6-Feb-19
AA0087UTSG 6-Feb-19
AA00875PJG 6-Feb-19
AA00875OPC 6-Feb-19
AA0086WP98 6-Feb-19
AA007XQO8O 6-Feb-19
AA007XQRZ2 6-Feb-19
AA0087UVLO 6-Feb-19
AA0087UPMS 6-Feb-19
AA0087Z0IS 6-Feb-19
AA0082CQQW 6-Feb-19
AA0081KQPW 6-Feb-19
AA007L4YAA 9-Feb-19
AA0087INAO 12-Feb-18
AA0089IYTO 13-Feb-19
AA007YC9JC 25-Feb-19
AA007XG74K 25-Feb-19
AA007W0DI8 25-Feb-19
AA0082KKTG 25-Feb-19
AA0089L9XQ 25-Feb-19
AA007TN7OQ 25-Feb-19
AA0082BD48 27-Feb-19
AA0089QBFM 2-Mar-19
AA0083S54S 2-Mar-19
AA0084MZY8 8-Mar-19
AA0089ODNI 13-Mar-19
AA007YIAFO 15-Mar-19
AA008BP3EO 15-Mar-19
AA0086UIMW 15-Mar-19
AA0086EJXW 16-Mar-19
AA007YD2W0 16-Mar-19
AA007YCY9K 16-Mar-19
AA007XE9BC 16-Mar-19
AA008BHMA4 16-Mar-19
AA008BW968 28-Mar-19
AA008E3B8S 28-Mar-19
AA008BVZZY 28-Mar-19
AA008CRM3G 28-Mar-19
AA0087X0IS 29-Mar-19
AA007S8M1U 29-Mar-19
AA008A30L2 29-Mar-19
AA0083H3XQ 1-May-19
AA008EBGYW 3-Apr-19
AA008CHFZQ 3-Apr-19
AA008E58BQ 3-Apr-19
AA0085VNB2 3-Apr-19
AA008E0K3E 11-Apr-19
AA0082K2WA 11-Apr-19
AA008B3SD8 11-Apr-19
AA008DHPF4 11-Apr-19
AA007W8QGM 12-Apr-19
AA007RHFR0 12-Apr-19
AA0088DHSK 13-Apr-19
AA008867DI 13-Apr-19
AA008AIPDU 12-Apr-19
AA008AVUXY 12-Apr-19
AA007EA6IA 13-Apr-19
AA00897XWC 14-Apr-19
AA008B6VW6 13-Apr-19
AA008BEH2A 14-Apr-19
AA0089EGRW 13-Apr-19
AA0087P2AA 13-Apr-19
AA008EWULS 13-Apr-19
AA008CBUAK 13-Apr-19
AA008D7YGA 13-Apr-19
AA008ETVY0 13-Apr-19
AA007Z7YKK 14-Apr-19
AA0085679Y 14-Apr-19
AA007X82W2 14-Apr-19
AA0087O0H4 14-Apr-19
AA0087WSSE 14-Apr-19
AA0086CMX6 14-Apr-19
AA0088GRT6 14-Apr-19
AA008BK6Z4 14-Apr-19
AA008B6HA2 14-Apr-19
AA008CCACY 14-Apr-19
AA008DZICG 14-Apr-19
AA007Q8QWM 14-Apr-19
AA007IUV7O 17-Apr-19
AA007OWANU 17-Apr-19
AA00804NQQ 17-Apr-19
AA007NG6ZO 17-Apr-19
AA007Q9ZNY 17-Apr-19
AA007SCBLC 17-Apr-19
AA008AMUA8 18-Apr-19
AA007OZ32Y 18-Apr-19
AA008AMDSI 18-Apr-19
AA008CG7WW 18-Apr-19
AA008CG868 12-Apr-19
AA007NPTFS 17-Apr-19
AA008D1L04 17-Apr-19
AA008CDX60 17-Apr-19
AA008DCAWE 17-Apr-19
AA008E617Q 18-Apr-19
AA008DB5GE 18-Apr-19
AA0082A8RQ 19-Apr-19
AA008GGLBK 20-Apr-19
AA008FC8OK 20-Apr-19
AA008C43AK 20-Apr-19
AA008CGHOM 20-Apr-19
AA008FROIS 20-Apr-19
AA0087SMKG 21-Apr-19
AA0087PEPK 21-Apr-19
AA008H2NSE 26-Apr-19
AA008H2PLW 26-Apr-19
AA007TK5RC 27-Apr-19
AA007V8DDK 27-Apr-19
AA008GIG74 28-Apr-19
AA008E8NFQ 28-Apr-19
AA008AOED0 28-Apr-19
AA008C7IN2 28-Apr-19
AA008F72VS 28-Apr-19
AA0087SVBQ 28-Apr-19
AA008DKLNI 28-Apr-19
AA0085RRUK 28-Apr-19
AA008AQS0M 28-Apr-19
AA007QD654 28-Apr-19
AA0084TSF8 28-Apr-19
AA00898QTW 28-Apr-19
AA00898QHY 28-Apr-19
AA008CA8BW 28-Apr-19
AA008GLR8A 29-Apr-19
AA0089SZW4 2-May-19
AA00862WGI 28-Apr-19
AA0084Q0QY 30-Apr-19
AA0084Q8LK 30-Apr-19
AA008FKR8S 28-Apr-19
AA008F4EPS 28-Apr-19
AA008I4NGW 2-May-19
AA007IK1AW 2-May-19
AA0088IS6U 2-May-19
AA008052DO 2-May-19
AA007SHLIA 3-May-19
AA00897PIA 3-May-19
AA008F6AHK 8-May-19
AA008AE4A0 8-May-19
AA008GGAMC 8-May-19
AA008HI9X6 8-May-19
AA008GWZDE 8-May-19
AA008APYXO 8-May-19
AA008H4LVS 8-May-19
AA008GG3OQ 8-May-19
AA008I0WT8 8-May-19
AA008G8WSU 8-May-19
AA008542W4 11-May-19
AA008I4XJW 16-May-19
AA008DQN34 23-May-19
AA008I2S9G 24-May-19
AA0064ZHVI 22-May-19
AA008IG9WK 22-May-19
AA008ICG64 22-May-19
AA008IK6QI 22-May-19
AA008IF9KI 22-May-19
AA008HTGBE 22-May-19
AA008HRGLS 22-May-19
AA008I4T3C 22-May-19
AA008IFJ16 22-May-19
AA008IF6BQ 23-May-19
AA007YV0WY 23-May-19
AA008DVK7A 24-May-19
AA008EBM3E 24-May-19
AA008GDZJE 28-May-19
AA007Z19FO 29-May-19
AA008I4EPE 29-May-19
AA008IU6TW 29-May-19
AA008JKOW0 29-May-19
AA0085B6E6 28-May-19
AA008I1CD0 29-May-19
AA008I690Y 29-May-19
AA008IMRAA 29-May-19
AA008H0I72 29-May-19
AA008IU0DU 29-May-19
AA008H6DNO 30-May-19
AA008IFT6I 30-May-19
AA007CI8OE 1-Jun-19
AA008EAAD2 4-Jun-19
AA0080SF5S 5-Jun-19
AA008EI1CG 5-Jun-19
AA0086UHU0 5-Jun-19
AA007TNNKS 6-Jun-19
AA007PY6FY 6-Jun-19
AA007NCYCU 6-Jun-19
AA008IWXTA 6-Jun-19
AA007AJCX4 8-Jun-19
AA00840XOK 13-Jun-19
AA008B4JDS 13-Jun-19
AA008K6BYM 13-Jun-19
AA008JXLMU 13-Jun-19
AA008L2W5O 13-Jun-19
AA008JFLTQ 13-Jun-19
AA008JI88W 13-Jun-19
AA008K5620 13-Jun-19